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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Can't Catch Up

I'm so behind on everything - it's frustrating.  I thought life would get simpler once school started, but it's actually more complicated since all three of my children have different schedules.  My house feels like it's in chaos - disorganization abounds.  People ask me to do favors, and I forget.  My inbox hasn't been cleared in quite a while, and I just know there are little goblins in there just waiting to pop out and say, "Aha!  You're three days late on this task!"
My counter currently looks like this, and it's kind of an improvement.  Note the second cup of coffee brewing.
Isaac was tossing and turning all night, so I just got him up at 5:00AM, and I put him in there while I made breakfast.  He fought it for a while, but then he gave in - just in time to get the day started.  We have a 5k race at 7:30 which I would do much better on a few more hours of sleep.

What I didn't photograph is the waffle that's burnt to a black crisp that was cooking as I decided to write a blog post.  Oh well.  One of the worst parts about being super busy and super sleepy is that I'm more inclined to overeat, especially while I'm training for this marathon!  I'm HUNGRY!  Don't fret - I only ate one waffle.  ;)

So the real reason I wrote this blog was to tell you that if I don't respond to your email or phone call or read your blog or whatever, it's just because I'm trying to get the bare necessities done.  Life will get easier eventually, right??  Hello?


  1. sounds exactly like my life right now!

    and i agree- marathon training is NOT making weight loss easy because im starving all the time. i thought all the running would make the pounds melt away but i burn so many calories and end up eating most of them back :/

  2. Isaac has on stripe socks THAT MATCH. You, my dear, are more organized that you admit. By the time my third one was born I was pulling socks out of the "sock bag" just trying to get two on the same side of the color wheel--I stopped hoping for matching socks!!
    Yes life does get easier. Before you know it that little one sleeping so innocently in his high chair will be putting his own children in their high chairs. I hope you'll be as blessed as me and he'll live right across the street from you.
    I am always impressed that you are so willing to show the messes as well as the successes. Makes the rest of us feel normal.
    Love you, Ann

  3. I'm impressed... you typed and got a post out!! And you mothered and actually made a waffle... you're thriving Annie :)


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