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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday: Walk There

So I know I already posted today, but I just couldn't leave you hangin' on my Tipsy Tuesday!  So here it is.

If you need to go the store or to the post office or anywhere else nearby and you're in good health,

.....walk there! 

That's it.  :)  I've had so much fun lately walking (and jogging) within about a 3 mile radius of my house because everything is here - the boys' schools, every grocery store I need, the post office, the library, the park.  And so what if I'm in my workout clothes all day?  I'd trade fitness and wonderful workout endorphins for makeup any day!  

One little sub-tip: While you're driving around, pay attention to which major roads have sidewalks.  You'd be surprised how out of the way you may have to walk if there is no sidewalk.  


  1. Question: If I'm walking for exercise, isn't "out of the way" a good thing?
    Reminds me of me parking close to the front door of the gym to go work out. :-)

  2. Great tip, friend! We have a wonderful little downtown "square" here within walking distance from our it still good for you if you end up at the Greek restaurant at the end of your walk?? haha! I do stop by the library on the way home..that's good for mental health, right??

  3. Carmella, if you're walking, then I'm totally impressed!

    John, yes, but I did run into a situation where I was pressed for time because I had to pick up Samuel from school and I didn't account for the extra distance. But yes, I was thinking of that point as I was typing.

  4. I discovered this last summer when the boys and I stayed with my parents for a month. I so wish there was anything within a safe walking distance of our house. I'd have to carry a cooler to keep everything from spoiling by the time we got home.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. So it actually is gonna tell everyone I deleted my post to correct my mistype? What I said was:

    John is totally right about the gym thing. That being said; when I go to the gym I have a 2yo & 4yo with me so I do try to park as close as I can so there is less opportunity to have them hit by a car. When I am alone I will park as far away from other people as possible.
    If I have multiple stores to visit in one shopping center I will just park and keep running things back to the car. Obviously, this means expensive or frozen items have to be purchased last.

  7. I also like to park close to the gym because there are a lot of break-ins toward the back of the parking lot.


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