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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday: Use your china

Use your china.  
I love my Johnson Brothers Friendly Village.  :)
I don't know if my dishes are considered "china" or not, but they are pretty, and I like them a lot (and I didn't buy them at Target).  (ETA: Just discovered that "china" means it's porcelain.  Mine's not.  Wah-wah.)  While I don't use them everyday, we do use them often in the autumn and winter (they have a winter scene on them) - when we have company, at holidays, special occasions, every chance I get.

Life is too short to not use your china.  If you're not using it, then either a) use it, or b) sell it!  I'd rather you just use it, though.  :)  Please, do it for me, use your china!  Then tell me about it!  

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