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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday: Circle Sandwich Cutter

I was making the kids' lunch one day, and Michael goes, "Hey, that should be a Tipsy Tuesday."  So I whipped out the camera real quick-like and made sure to make a mental note of it.

Okay, so let me set this up for you first.  I have a cute, little sandwich cutter from Pampered Chef that cuts sandwiches in circles and seals the sides up, but it doesn't work so well on whole wheat bread ( know me by now).  So it very rarely gets used.
But whenever I want the kids to eat a sandwich that they normally wouldn't try, I try to trick it up a bit - make it a circle, a robot, whatever cookie-cutter I have.  So on this particular day I pulled this glass out in a rush to make a circle sandwich, and it worked surprisingly well.  It sealed up the sides of the whole wheat bread and everything.  I was very impressed!
So there you go, all you whole wheat bread users out there!


  1. Surprisingly simple idea...I love it! I have been looking for a sandwich cutter to make cute sandwiches. Who knew one had been sitting in my cupboard this whole time!

  2. The wife uses a sandwich cutter and now the kids won't eat a sandwich without it being cut. It's like starting a heroin habit. Sure it's fun at first but then you just GOT TO HAVE IT and nothing else will do.

    I like your idea. Well done.

  3. I use the lid from a now empty PB container. I use a shot glass to make little circles out of the remaining corners. I also found some animal & fish cookie cutters on clearance & have only ever used them for sandwiches.

  4. The lid goes all the way through the sandwich?

  5. Sure does. It's from one of those giant plastic 'jars'. Can you call it a jar if it's plastic?

  6. Great idea! Which sandwich did you make?!

  7. I don't remember! Probably tuna.


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