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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Veggin' it up...again

OK, I'm gonna do it again, but bear with me because I just can't help it!  I can't stop saying how much I LOVE my produce co-op!  I told you way back when that's it's easy, and I told you how I love to veg up our food, but I don't think I've ever connected the two in one post.  So let it be my thesis:

I love produce co-op because it allows me to veg up our food!

Simple, yes.  That's the idea.  (I love simplicity.)   So here's what I used to do.  I would make a meal plan for the week or ten days or whatever I was doing at the time, and then I'd go to the store for what I needed. I would then use up what I had purchased and start the process over again.

Well now...I get my co-op every two weeks, store it in such a way that it lasts, make my meal plan based on what I got at co-op, go to the store for non-produce stuff, and make said meals. Well, there are inevitably lots more veggies and fruits leftover, so of course I don't want them to go to waste.

So every time I cook, I look inside my frig for a veg to throw in there somehow.  This morning I made whole wheat waffles, and instead of oil, I used shredded yellow squash.  The kids LOVED it!  I've also made carrot French toast, which was a huge hit.  I put all kinds of veggie purees in almost everything that I make.  (If the veg is getting to the end of it's life, then I steam it, puree it, then freeze it.)  You can just get as crazy as you want to get with it.

Anyway, I can go on and one, but there you have it.  I just had to get that really quickly while I stand here with a towel in my hair at the kitchen counter getting ready to go to a birthday party after the baby wakes up because I was just that excited about how my kids ate yellow squash for breakfast and didn't bat an eye.


  1. What do you do about syrup on the waffles?

  2. Not use it. :) I usually put PB2 on it with fruit for the kids. Or sometimes I put plain yogurt with a drizzle of honey and fruit or nuts on top.

  3. We do use maple syrup every now and then as a treat, but it's pretty rare.

  4. I just got my coop load today. They seem to be getting smaller these days but still a better deal than grocery shopping. Though I must admit when coop had lettuce and not tomatoes I snagged some pretty ripe roma tomatoes at Market Street for $0.79/lb. If they go soft they become SALSA!!!!!
    For my $30 unit I got:
    - 2 large sweet potatoes
    - 2 red leaf lettuce
    - 11 red skinned potatoes
    - 5lbs of carrots
    - 3 kiwi
    - 2.5 lbs grapes
    - 9 large fuji apples (actually I got 7 and traded yellow squash for a couple more)
    - 2lbs strawberries (actually 1lb but traded more squash)
    - 1 pint blueberries
    - 4 large onions
    - 1 small cantaloupe
    - 1lb mushrooms
    - 2 zucchini
    - 4 bell peppers
    I also would have had a head of cauliflower and about that same amount of broccoli but I decided at the last minute I wasn't in the mood to find creative ways to get my family to eat those AGAIN and gave them to someone else.
    I don't make a meal plan because I like to decide based upon my mood what I want to cook but usually each day I decide based on how much life any particular vegetable(s) seem to have in them.
    I wish you had posted this before I gave the yellow squash away but I must have the carrot french toast recipe since I have 5lbs carrots in my fridges.


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