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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday's Photography Challenge - Week 3: Bold Colors

So it's week 3 of the photography challenge hosted by Laura Beth at A Step in the Journey?
I'm in Colorado still, and I figured that out of the hundreds of pictures that I'm taking, surely one of them will fit this week's challenge criteria.  So I looked, and, while I have lots of documented memories, none of them are really what I would classify as challenge-worthy.

So while Michael climbed Pike's this morning and I rested my back (slinging a baby up a mountain two days in a row probably isn't the best idea), I looked around my hotel room for some bold colors.

This was the first thing I thought of:
I love this ring.  Michael gave it to me on our 6th wedding anniversary, and it was a total surprise.  He picked it out himself, and I was shocked that he did such a great job because it was exactly what I love!  The straw hat is something I bought two days ago in Manitou Springs at a funky little shop downtown.  It's gigantic and fabulous, and I love it!

So there you go.  :)  Do you have a challenge photo?


  1. Beautiful!

    Jeanna @

  2. What a pretty ring! Great job husband.

  3. Beautiful! And such a creative way to display it for photographing. :)

  4. I LOVE it!! Great staging too :) Thanks for linking up!

  5. A beautiful ring and a huge straw hat, can't think of two better accessories! Great photo.

  6. Lovely photo! Gorgeous ring - what a wonderful husband to be so thoughtful! I haven't checked out these photo challenges - need a better camera I think. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog - your newest follower,


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