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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday's Photography Challenge - Week 2: What Makes You Smile

So do y'all remember the photography challenge hosted by Laura Beth at A Step in the Journey that I'm doing?  (Is anyone else doing it??  I wanna see!)  As a reminder, here are the weeks:
I had a hard time picking out what I would make as the subject of study for today's photography challenge, but I decided to not overcomplicate it and choose something simple.  My favorite meal of the day is most definitely breakfast.  I'm always hungry for it, and I'm always ready for coffee after a night of waking up every two to three hours with a sweet baby.

That's why I couldn't decide which photo to choose.  Both of these things make me oh so happy.
coffee mug, frothy coffee, senseo coffee, morning coffee
My coffee makes me happy because:
1)  It reminds me of my sweet and amazing friend, Misti, who gave me the awesome Senseo coffee maker that I LOVE!  Frothy, delicious, and perfectly brewed.
2)  It also reminds me of my other wonderful friend, Christa, who gave me this set of 4 coffee mugs as a gift when we were in college.  Each one has a different piece of art on them (this one is a Van Gogh).  I LOVE these mugs; I use them every morning.  What a good and useful gift that has stood the test of time!
3)  I recently discovered the joys of Amazon's Subscribe and Save program in which I buy my French Vanilla Senseo pods from for cheaper than Walmart's unflavored medium roast!  Free shipping and one less thing I have to put on my shopping list!
4)  I'm more laid back with this baby and allow myself a couple of cups of coffee whereas I was very uptight about everything I ate and drank with the first two.
5)  Coffee is pretty much the only drink I have other than water all day, so it's a nice treat (that and wine on occasion).

cast iron waffle iron, whole wheat waffles, healthy breakfast ideas, cast iron, waffle iron
My brand spanking new cast iron waffle iron makes me really happy because:
1)  I just seasoned it yesterday and made my first batch of whole wheat waffles afterward, and they were perfect!!!  No sticking, no throwing out the first one, no burning - just perfection!  I totally wasn't expecting that!
2)  My kids asked for seconds!
3)  I'm pretty confident that this will mean no more Eggo's in the Hedgie house because I can keep a premade container of batter in the fridge and whip up some fresh waffles whenever we want.  It takes the same amount of time and effort as the toaster.
4)  It's another successful implementation of our food overhaul, and it makes me feel so good.
5)  It works way better than any electric waffle iron I've ever had.

So there you go.  Let me know if you decide to join me in the challenge!  It totally doesn't matter if you've missed the first week.  No one's going to arrest you or anything.  Hehe.


  1. Great pics! My morning coffee makes me a very happy mama, but homemade waffles would be even better! :)

  2. What brand of waffle iron did you buy? I was looking at a Lodge or a Rome.

  3. I got this one:

    It's a Rome. I don't suppose there's a whole lot of difference, though. Cast iron is so awesome.

  4. My coffee gives me my first smile of the day- everyday!
    Kerry at

  5. Love it! I want that coffee right now!

  6. I just started a 30 day photo challenge. Good luck with yours!

  7. I LOVE my coffee as well! Yum! It always puts a smile on my face <3

    I want a waffle maker. You could make all kinds of delicious waffles!

  8. Wow- both the coffee and the waffles look amazing- I may need to find a cast iron waffle skillet! I love cast iron!

  9. Great pics! I don't drink coffee but your photo makes me want to! :D

  10. We must think alike - my thing that "makes me happy" is my morning coffee as well! :) Cool waffle iron!

  11. That is an awesome waffle maker, a lot cooler than the one I use to cook breakfast over here :) Great pic...thanks for linking up!

  12. Great picture, this makes me smile too

  13. Mmmmm coffee. ONe of the things that make me smile too! And I think I need to get me a waffle iron. :)

  14. Coffee is the juice that gets me going in the morning too....I really enjoy it!!! And I LOVE waffles...your pics look great - what a fun idea:)

  15. Great shot of the waffle iron! Now you made me hungry :)


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