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Monday, August 15, 2011

Things I Learned on Vacation

Well, I'm back from my amazing Colorado vacation.  I said goodbye to cool summer breezes and hello to hairdryer wind.

I hope you enjoyed my wonderful guest bloggers!  Thanks, Sarah and Kate!  Y'all are awesome, and I loved reading your posts and seeing that others were inspired by your words, as well.

I always look forward to vacation because I usually learn something new or gain a deeper appreciation for something I hadn't thought of before.  This year in Colorado I learned a lot.  It's such an inspiring place; you'd be hard-pressed to not learn something.  I have been several times before, but this was the first time I had been with kids, so it put a totally new spin on it.  Here are some of the nuggets I took home with me:

1.  I am most uptight and unhappy when I am the least empathetic and selfless.
2.  Nutritious food makes for happier and more well-behaved kids (and parents), and crappy food makes for crappy attitudes and behavior.  
3.  My kids can do way more than I expect out of them.
4.  Contentment is necessary before dreams can be fulfilled.
5.  Having three boys beckons me to live adventurously.
6.  Having experiences like this with my family is absolutely priceless. 
7.  Colorado is inspiring to the point of tears. (Literally.)


  1. WOW...sounds like an amazing vacation. Pikes Peak...what an accomplishment:) I'm so glad y'all had such a wonderful trip!!

  2. It was an amazing vacation, BUT just to be clear, we DROVE to the top of Pikes to pick up my husband who hiked it. HAHA! Next time I'm definitely going to hike it sans kids. Since I'm still nursing and baby boy won't take a bottle, I couldn't leave him for long enough to climb it myself. Next time, though!!

  3. Welcome home sweet girl! I love your pics, and your lessons :) So true, we glean MUCH from time away together as a family!

  4. Oh what sweet and precious boys and husband. Sounds like you had a great time and learned alot. Can't wait to see you, I have been sleeping extra so am asleep when you are awake. Maybe this weekend??
    Love you all and glad you are home safe..Ann

    PS Love the straw hat.

  5. You guys are so inspiring! What awesome things to take away from a family vacation, and what lucky boys to have such an awesome mama too!


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