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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guest Post: Kate from the Starr Family

Hello all, I'm still in beautiful Colorado this week, so I lined up another wonderful guest blogger.  Kate from the Starr Family blog is one of my faves.  She's got a great sense of design with her house and crafts, and she mixes in some inspirational sentiments that I can relate to.  She's a lovely person, so I hope you go visit her blog because I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do!  Thanks for guest posting today, Kate!!!  

Hi, I’m Kate from the Starr Family!

I am thrilled and flattered-flattered-flattered to be here at Annie’s blog today!  She is the fabulous Arlington Mama, and when she asked me to guest post I thought how fun, and then… absolutely nothing.  My mind went blank.  What in the world do I have to tell you all, her loyal friends/readers? 

{horrifically awful dead silence inserted here} 

Really, therein lies the problem.  The problem in believing.  It is the fear that I have nothing to say of substance…

All too often, I refuse to allow my heart to trust… in me, the woman God designed and destined for purpose.  I discount my abilities, my heart, my mind.  I belittle the talents and gifts; denying myself the opportunity to succeed at the task at hand. It can be as simple as writing a letter, a blog post, for a friend.  But the self-doubt and de-valuation enter immediately, sinking in and saturating my thoughts.  If I cannot believe in my own person, I certainly cannot expect others to take stock in my convictions, my faith, my stories, my life.

    believe  \bə-ˈlēv\
I am a blogger.
I love to blog.  I started the journey because I valued what I was doing; regardless of the quality of content or picture clarity.  I share for family, fun, fellowship, and inspiration.  I put a snippet of our life and everyday goings-on out there… for purpose and sometimes no reason at all.  Freeing my mind of clutter and thoughts, stewing over issues, and unleashing creativity is the beauty of blogging.  And it is the beauty in me… because they are my thoughts.  I choose to write, and believe in the weight, or lack thereof, that my words may carry…  From frivolous crafts to home décor, its the end result of a life lived out with joy.  And its valuable.  As women, the mothers and nurturers, we are called upon to take seriously the matters of our home… everything that details our daily lives, from work to house.  How can we hope to bring efficiency to the table when we are leaving our worth behind, only functioning at half our potential?    We are treasures.  We are called to relish in the possibilities that lie before us and respect the wisdom which pours from our mouths.  

It is necessary to believe in me… a soul that loves her God, her husband, her children, and life.  No matter how small or grand the motion may be, I have absolute capability to execute and accomplish.  I have something to say.  Thanks to sweet Annie, who unbeknownst to her, allowed me the opportunity for re-discovery & affirmation… and the chance to put run-on sentences on somewhere other than my blog.

Let’s talk soon friends… You can find me {HERE}.   

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  1. These words prove why I adore you Miss Kate! Nothing like a little self-revelation :) Love your blog...thanks for sharing YOU with us.


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