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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yellow and Gray Wedding

Hello and Happy Tuesday!  First of all, before I forget (I really wouldn't forget because I'm so excited about it), I'm guest blogging over at Crafty Scrappy Happy tomorrow!!!  I'm so thrilled, and I hope ALL of you will come by and say hi.  :)  You'll LOVE Jaime's blog.  I'm SO incredibly inspired by it all the time.  She's so super creative!  I'll be giving you my house tour, so you won't want to miss it!!!
So I told you my friend is letting me help decorate her wedding, and she very stylishly chose yellow and gray (it takes everything in me not to type grey) for her colors.  I LOVE the colors, but for some reason here in Texas retailers haven't caught up with the trend yet because I can't find ANY cool fabric or paper prints in those colors.  Oh well.  I guess that's what creativity is for (except online, of course).

Since this bride is a visual person (as most women are), I decided to make a mock centerpiece to see if I was going in the right direction for what she wanted.  One of her favorite inspiration pics on Pinterest has been this, but of course in yellow and grey gray.
yellow and gray wedding centerpiece
from At Second Street
So I came up with this below.  It's not the final product but just the idea.  Instead of silk flowers, of course, she's planning on fresh.  And the doily and yellow placemat are just things I grabbed out of my linen drawer, but you get the idea.  I have white fabric underneath because the tablecloths will be white.
yellow and gray wedding centerpiece
She likes it, although she wants a bolder yellow for the paint on the frame and round box and number.  The number is, of course, the table number.  We'll probably do a couple of votives, too, although it's an outdoor wedding, so we'll have to consider wind with the candles (maybe flameless votives, idk). 

We'll probably also do different things on each table but all painted with the same colors.  So they'll all have the same feel but without  being matchy-matchy (not that that's bad, I just think this is more fun to do different).
yellow and gray wedding centerpiece
So now for the good part, how much it all cost:
-$1.47 Wooden oval
-$2.49 Picture frame
-$0.00 Spanish moss (had it)
-$2.40 Candle (on clearance)
-$0.00 Gold rope (repurposed)
-$0.00 Faux jewel beads (repurposed)
-$0.00 Paint (mixed it myself)
-$6.36 TOTAL 


(I'm not counting the silk flowers since she's not using them.)  Not bad, I'd say!  I love being cheap.  :)  


  1. LOVE these centerpieces! You're so talented & creative... all so fabulous!

  2. Every piece of clothing I've purchased lately has been gray. Or yellow... love that color combination! I really love that candle!

  3. I LOOOOOVE yellow and gray! Love what you created :D Can't wait to read more -- I'm your newest follower.

  4. Visiting from Crafty Scrappy Happy! So happy to be your newest follower...your home tour was amazing! I am in love with your artwork...and the nursery too cute!

  5. Followed you from Crafty Scrappy Happy! Love your style, I am your new follower:)!

  6. So cute! Those colors really are great together! I never would have thought about those two colors for a wedding, but I LOVE it! Great job!


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