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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday: Kids' Soap Pump

So I thought it would be fun to implement some kind of a weekly post, and I've been wanting to share some tips of the mama trade.  So bada-bing-bada-boom, you got Tipsy Tuesday!
Now understand that I don't think I have it all together or that I have all the answers, but I love hearing other peoples tips, so I thought I'd pass along my own.  

This one we just came up with a month or so ago.  I would come into the boys' bathroom and see their shampoo/body wash laying on its side in the bathtub with its entire contents on the floor of the tub.  I was so annoyed!  It was such a waste, and I just hate that.  

Enter the pump.  
It has already paid for itself in shampoo saved from a frightful destiny.  Target has them on sale for $5.99, and they come in all different colors.  And I know this is obvious, but plastic is the way to go for this.  ;)  

ETA: This pump was a POS!  It leaked out the bottom.  WTH!  

Got any other ingenious tips for bath time?  


  1. Love this idea. And a perfect compliment to loofahs... we purchase little kid ones at grocery, makes it fun for them to suds themselves and then after a while we pop 'em in the dishwasher for a good cleaning. Reusable & Fun!

  2. Oh, I had to do that too and might have to do it again now that Patton has hit the little monster stage. ;) Thanks for the reminder! :)

  3. I know that this is a few months past, but Bath and Body Works sells pumps to go on regular bottles (well, their bottles but I think that they would fit almost any bottle) for a buck. I think I might have to actually steal this idea! My son sounds like your boys!


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