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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Swim Lessons, Heat, and Wasting My Time

So I really hate to have a crappy attitude, but swim lessons sucked this year.  The previous two years we did survival swim lessons (Infant Aquatics) for the two older boys, and they learned SOOO much.  Because of those lessons, Samuel is an excellent swimmer now, and he's only five.  Levi, however, is traumatized and will not swim even though he knows how.  I'm confident, though, that if he fell into a swimming pool, he'd be able to swim to the side to get himself out.  

That said, since the previous two years of swim lessons were a bit intense, we decided to do more fun swim lessons this year for just Samuel (Levi was still opposed), so that he could learn different strokes and whatnot (he just goes off of instinct now).  So we enrolled him in lessons from the City of Arlington.  

FAIL!  That was such a big, fat waste of everyone's time.  The website said that for the class that we chose, the children should already know how to swim.  Great, he does.  Well, the teacher didn't let him swim by himself at all.  She would teach them the strokes as they sat down, and then let them "swim" using the strokes as she held them up.  WTH!  They didn't learn anything.  Samuel actually regressed in his swimming skills while he was taking these lessons.  When he would show us what he was learning, he would actually start sinking.  
Samuel would get so bored that when he was supposed to be holding onto the edge, he'd sink and swim a little while the teacher had her back turned.
I told the teacher to let him swim more, and she totally blew me off.  I was, in a word, pissed.  I stood out there in 100+ degree heat, with a baby in a sling and a 3 year old that wanted to wander around (not in the shade), 5 days a week for 2 weeks, so that he could be taught how to sink!  And I paid for it!  Never again, my friends.  
I started letting Levi get in the pools, too, even though it was against the rules.  He was SOOO hot and bored.
They gave me a survey to fill out for the class, and on it I said, "I will never again take city of Arlington swim lessons and will discourage others from doing so as well."  Done and done.  
They had the kids jump off of the diving board on the last two days, and the teachers would catch them and bring them to the side.  I told them to let Samuel do it all by himself, and they were reluctantly amazed.
If I seem like I'm overreacting, which I NEVER have a tendency to do, it's because the heat amplifies my rage.  Texas is hot, y'all.  


  1. I don't blame you for being upset. Any classes I have ever been too, the kids swim on thier own as they learn the strokes. How else are they to learn. They certainly aren't learning to keep themselves up while doing the strokes if the teacher is holding them up.

  2. I know, right! I think they just wanted us to take the next level class so that we were taking lessons all summer. Yeah right!

  3. Ugh, I don't think I would have gone past the third day. :(

    On another note, though, I LOVED the pics in this post!:)

  4. Oh trust me, I thought about it, but I just didn't want to send the wrong message to Samuel.

  5. oh man, that stinks. at least you got some good pics out of it, especially the last one. but yep, i'd be angry, too.


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