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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Operation Food Overhaul - Installment #234

Every so often I realize that our diets have unraveled into a processed mess, and I wonder how we got there again.  I've been getting my diet under control (with the exception of those all-too delicious chocolate chip cookie muffins that I made the other day - way ridiculous), but I notice that the boys are taking advantage of my distractedness and have been eating way too much junk.

PBJs are all too regular around here.  And they're not even "bad" PBJs.  I make them with whole wheat bread, all-natural peanut butter, and Simply Fruit jelly.  But those are still so high in calories and fat, especially when that's all they're eating!  Plus, I guess since it's summer, we're out and about more often, and the food choices are not all that great unless you pack your own.

Today I had the laptop out on the couch with the boys and opened up Pinterest.  We pinned a whole bunch of healthy kids' recipes that they'll hopefully love.  Samuel is the picky one, so if I can make something healthy that he likes, then it's gold!  If you want to see my recipe board, click here.

While I was on Pinterest I ran across this website a LOT:
Healthy Meals for Healthy Kids

Have you seen it?  It's AWE-SOME!  I'm pretty sure it's going to be a go-to source for me from now on.  Love it!


Plus, I've decided to buy this bad boy, so if you have stock in Eggo, go ahead and sell now; the Hedgies are no longer keeping them in business.  I refuse to waste any more money on frozen waffles!!!  You heard it here, first!

So make me feel better and tell me that I'm not the only one who let's it all get away from them.  What are the two things that you wish you didn't have to buy anymore or cut way back on?  (Mine are all-natural peanut butter and frozen waffles.)  What do you do to reign it back in?


  1. Love your post! We are trying so hard to keep Emma's diet natural. Nothing too processed. I wish we could give up tortillas when we go out to mexican restaurants. All starchy flour has nothing good for her in it but she wants to eat what mommy and daddy eat. >< ::sigh::

  2. First of all, if I only ever made the kind of PB and Js you make (I do sometimes, but I make the bad ones too), I would feel incredibly awesome about myself. I agree that they're too high in fat and calories for mom to eat every day. But I, personally, think it's a fantastic choice for kiddos. Especially if you throw some carrots sticks on the plate, too...and maybe some plain yogurt and honey.

    In other, you are not the only one! ;)

  3. I would love to cut back on ranch dressing (cause my kids are "dippers") and goldfish. Ya know, the essentials haha. If you haven't ever tried Jessica Seinfeld's book "deceptively delicious" you totally should- full of healthy kids recipes!

  4. Yes, I am a total Jessica Seinfeld fanatic! We eat the oatmeal in her book 3-4 times a week. Goldfish were a big problem here for a while, but I just recently decided to quit buying them. I'm totally going to check out PB2. We'll see how it goes.

  5. I'm also a wheat, natural PB and natural jelly buyer. I pay attention to ingredients. My problem is not what I need to take away, although, kraft mac n cheese is almost a daily meal in our house, and to make me feel better I started to buy Annie's brand mac n cheese, which I'm not sure is any healthier, but I need to add more things. We eat the same stuff all the time. CeCe doesn't eat veggies. I need to get that book y'all mentioned, because I hear there are some great recipes for hiding veggies!


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