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Friday, July 22, 2011

My Fitness Pal is my Pal!

So I am THRILLED to be past the next 5 pound increment of my goal weight.  8.5 pounds to go until I'm to my goal weight!  

I was doing Weight Watchers for the first 15 or so pounds that I lost after the baby was born, but just 10 days ago I switched to using My Fitness Pal to jumpstart me out of a plateau.  WW was good for me, but I was tiring of it.  I had pretty much altogether quit tracking my food and wasn't losing at all for about a month or more.  PLUS, I was paying $18 a month for it!  

MFP is both a website and a smartphone app (not just iPhone), and it's FREE.  I LOVE IT!!  The features that I love most about it are:

{}  You can share all of your information with your friends that are also using it, so it REALLY keeps me accountable and motivated.  I have an amazing group of girlfriends on there that are so dedicated and encouraging, and they really keep me going.  (It's similar to a Facebook interface.)

{}  It keeps track of how many days you've logged your calories in a row, so it makes you not want to skip a day.  One of my inspiring friends has logged for over 450 days now!  

{}  You can choose to share your food diary with your friends or not.  I do because it keeps me balanced.

{}  There is a barcode reader on the iPhone app so that you can just scan the barcode of the food you need to log, and it gives you all the nutrition info.

{}  The food database is added to by everyone using the app, so it's got everything you could possibly think of (well, except for the Aldi rum I bought).  And with all of the people using it, most everything is pretty much correct because other users can say if it's accurate or not.

{}  It gives you other nutrition information besides just calories, fat, and fiber.  For example, I learned that I'm eating way too much cholesterol, and I never knew that on WW.  (I still can't give up my 2 eggs every morning, though.)

{}  At the end of the day when you're finished logging all of your food and exercise it says, "If everyday were like today, then you'd weigh X in five weeks."  I LOVE that!  On one of my bad days it said I'd weigh like 5 pounds more, and yesterday, a good day, it said 7 pounds less - very motivating!

I am so super excited about this app/website.  If you decide to get it, let me know, and I'll friend you!  

So I promised progress pictures at every 5 pound increment.  As of this moment that I'm typing, I haven't taken the picture yet, so I'm eager to see if there's a difference.  Hmmm....should I wait until I do my hair and makeup to take the pic??  Nah, I'll just cover my face with my gigantic and awesome camera.
So the difference is subtle, but I'm alright with that.  I think it's because I need to do more toning.  (I just started back at the gym this week.)  I just realized that it took me over two months to lose 6.5 pounds!  Dude!  And 3.5 of those pounds were lost in the last 10 days on My Fitness Pal.  Yet another reason I love it.

Oh and just so you know, these are all my opinions and I wasn't paid by anyone to write about MFP.  I just really love how this app is helping me get to my goal!  (If they wanted to pay me, however, I wouldn't mind.)  ;)

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  1. AWESOME post Ms. Annie. Congrats!

  2. I just started using MFP yesterday and I love it! My username is the4stairs ( Add me!! And congrats on your progress!

  3. I love it!! I will definitely be checking it out. Oh also you look great!

  4. Dude - good job! You really are looking great!


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