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Monday, July 18, 2011

Let Them Be Little

My bil reminded me of that song in his post about co-sleeping, and I thought it was so fitting in regard to yesterday's big event.  We had Isaac's baby dedication at our church, and it was just perfect.  

So if you're not familiar with baby dedications, it's basically just a prayer time for the family so that we can dedicate ourselves to raising them in a godly home.  
We decided to have our older two come up with us because it was more special for us that way.  We wanted them to feel a part of it and grasp the depth of it.  It was so wonderful.  Levi brought his Buzz Lightyear rocket with him and kept pulling the string so that everyone could hear "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue" followed by rocket ship sounds. Then while I was speaking he kept making his own sound effects. It was hilarious.
Michael punted to me, so I had to do the talking.  My talking points were:
- The cliche is true that having children is like watching your heart walk around in the world all exposed and vulnerable, therefor we really just have to put our trust in God.
- Our kids are on loan from God, and we are God's stewards of them (except I made a Freudian slip and said that we're their - the kids' - stewards; they knew what I meant).
- Boys will not remember much of what you tell them but will remember most of what you do.
- I want Michael and I to be the type of people that we want our kids to be when they grow up.

So try saying all of that in front of a whole church full of people while Levi is blowing air through pursed lips, making everyone crack up.  It was awesome, though.  Just perfect.  
Isaac was gnawing on our pastor's finger while we prayed.  A boy's gotta teethe!  
I love my family.  :)


  1. Absolutely precious! Dang it -- we should have gone to the second service!

  2. After that experience I remember feeling like I had so much fun and that it was so great, and then I thought, "I hope Annie feels the same way".

    I'm glad you do, and I'm glad we're married!

  3. I love this and you look so beautiful, Annie! Can't believe you've had 3 kiddos!

  4. I love hot cute and special and personal and wonderful it looks like this detection was! I love that your entire family was up there---and that you now have great memories! :o) Super super cute!


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