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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Laugh Sign for my Smiley Pants

Just before I learned that my reclaimed wood was not really safe to be sawing and sanding a whole lot, I made this little sign for a ladies' craft night at my church where I hosted a table for them to make their own signs (hope you guys aren't eating off of your signs!).  I cut up a bunch of random sized pieces of wood (my favorite were the two pieces attached together that made a square).  Then I bought a bunch of stencils and daubers from Hobby Lobby.  
Oh and I also got some thumb tacks and twine for the back to hang with.  Some ladies made their twine visible, which looked really cool, but I decided not to because...I didn't think of it and I made mine first.  It was an easy peasy craft, perfect for a bunch of people to do at the same time, for all skill levels.  

Since the wood was so weathered, it's obviously very uneven, so the paint bleeds a lot.  Spray paint would have been a LOT easier, but I'm on this kick where I don't spend any unnecessary money on crafts or DIY around the house, so ceiling paint fit the bill.  Then when we took the stencil off, we scraped the bleeding off with toothpicks because it comes off really easily since the wood was so old.  A little bit of bleeding looks really cool.  I love the way it came out. Up close it's too uneven, but far away it looks cool...I think.  ;)
It fits well with the retro woodsy feel of the room, don'tcha think?
My little Isaac is lovingly nicknamed Smiley Pants, so this sign fits him perfectly.


  1. Love the sign! LOVE IT! So bummed that we won't see anymore reclaimed wood projects from you :(

    Neely and Kaiser loved watching the video of Baby Issac, he is so cute! Love your boys :)

  2. So so so cute! All of it! See your wood doesn't have to go to waste, you can just make a bunch of signs like this one, because I think that looks amazing!
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy :)

  3. I love it...I have an old piece of barn wood that I need an idea for so thank you. It looks just great!


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