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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home Tour on Craft Scrappy Happy

So remember I told you that I'm guest blogging over at Crafty Scrappy Happy on Wednesday?!!!  Well, it's up, and I hope ALL of you will come by and say hi.  :)  You may just want to follow Jaime's blog, too.  It's pretty amazing.  Browse around while you're there.  You'll be hooked.  :)


  1. I came from crafty scrappy happy thanks for the home tour what a cute rooms. I have three boys and am always looking for ideas for their rooms.

  2. Great guest post! I LOVE LOVE your house!

  3. Love the post! Awesome pictures,hopefully you already knew I admire your home and decorating sense.

  4. So proud of my SIL! You showcased your house beautifully! The nursery is my fav! Sooo adorable!

  5. I am so so so glad you came over to my blog today! I think everyone just LOVED your room! And I think your post is going to be super popular this weekend too!!! :o) Thank you again for being so wonderful!

  6. Love the post about your house. So many creative ideas! What I really want to know is how long did it take you to pay of your house and how did you do it? :)


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