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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hacks Above My Couch

I see the term "hack" used a lot around the blogosphere in reference to taking something and upcycling it to repurpose it.  There are whole websites dedicated to just IKEA hacks.  The stuff is so cheap, and you don't use it for very long usually, so there's a big blog market to repurpose all of those purchases.  

I've also seen the term used in reference to copying an item for much cheaper.  There are Pottery Barn hacks all over the blogosphere since their stuff is so expensive but made to look rustic and worn.  Pottery Barn hacking is so satisfying because you can make something that you know is trendy and cute (as confirmed in their gorgeous catalogs), but you don't spend a fortune on it.  

I, however, enjoy hacking other bloggers' ideas.  Hehe.  Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?!  Which brings me to my living room.  I painted this (which isn't an imitation)....
 ...about a year ago, but I'm so over it now.  
It was a cheapo Garden Ridge painting that I painted my own thing over since the old painting didn't match my new wall color.  
I like how the red looks on the "green river" blue of the walls and picks up on the red from the dining room (to the right of this picture) and the bookcase in the corner.  But I'm done with that silver frame.  I want something more woodsy and textural.  

So I saw these, and I am IN LOVE.  (They're both from the very talented Stephanie Lynn.)  Can you believe the white textured piece on the left is made out of party streamers?!  Yes, I think these are my next two hacks.  I want to put a long picture ledge above the couch and then do the white textured piece on the left with the deer painting on the right.  

I love both of them, but I'm a little nervous.  I have never ruffled anything on a sewing machine before (which is what you have to do with the streamers), so I don't know if it will be as good as Stephanie's.  Plus, she used an overhead projector to project the deer image onto the canvas (brilliant), but I'd have to freehand it.  We'll see.  If I don't like them, I can always repurpose the canvases.  More to come, my friends!  I've been sick all week, so I'm just thinking about doing all of these projects instead of actually doing anything.  

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