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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Co-sleeping Considerations

::Sigh:: Well, my six-month old Isaac is just about breaking me.  When Michael convinced me we decided to have a third kid, we vowed that things would be different this time.  We'd set things up to be easier and not so intense.  With our first two, we were attachment parent poster children.  Our room was totally set up for co-sleeping, too.  We basically just had a mattress on the floor, and as they got older we added a box spring.  

Well, when we finally got stinker #2 out of our room, we remodeled/redesigned our room to become a parental haven (sans kids).  So now that #3 is here, I don't really want to share my haven with him.  ::Sigh::

But here's the deal - I'm not sleeping, and I think I might just die if I don't get some sleep SOON.  So he's been sleeping in my haven more than I'd like.  

He starts out in his room each night, but for the past 2-3 weeks he's been waking up like every two hours to nurse, so I end up putting him in bed with me to nurse while I sleep for the last third or half of the night.  I think the first week or so was a growth spurt followed by another week or so of teething.  I'm to the point of drinking more caffeine than I'm comfortable with just to function.  

So alas, it appears that co-sleeping is my only option right now (at least for the short term), as I'm philosophically opposed to sleep training (ETA: before 18 months or so) or CIO.  It's alright, though.  This is not a bad face to wake up to.   
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  1. They grow up WAY too fast and they grow out of the sleeping with us parents eventually. Enjoy him while you can ;o) No judgement here my friend!

  2. Do what you can to sleep!!! We have three and they have all slept with us. The two oldest are now in their own beds, but our five year old finds his way into our bed in the middle of the night....every night! I am the same way though, don't mind seeing a sweet,happy face in the morning! Your baby is adorable:)!

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  4. I'm philosophically opposed to co-sleeping but too lazy to walk them back to their beds when they crawl in with us during the night. OTOH, I admire Adam and Courtney's sleeping schedule but as a parent lacked the discipline to keep that ball bouncing. . We are some where in the middle on the continuum of sleep schedule vs co-sleeping and the kids STILL end up in our bed every night. My back hurts every morning because of a rogue elbow or knee that finds it's way to my spine in all the sleepy confusion.
    At this point, I'm just waiting for them to out grow it. Madi will be in college in another 9 years and grace 3 years after. At that point, I'm certain I'll miss those little elbow and knee jabs at 4am.
    (Had to fix/edit my spelling errors..oops)

  5. annie, have you read about dr gordons sleep training? i consider doing it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. but flake out because i'm lazy. even tho i know the hard work will pay off in the end! p.s. your baby is too young to fit in his age parameters HAH HAH! <3


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