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Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Projects

The great thing about following blogs is that you have unlimited access to a plethora of genius, creative minds.  There are so many good ones out there that I'm having a hard time finding the time to create everything that I was to create.  Here is a non-exhaustive list of my summer to-dos in no particular order:

Growth Chart from Angie @ The Cellar Door Stories
How cute is that!  Last summer when we got the living room painted and the floors done, I had them paint over the door frame that I had the boys' measurements on but not before I transfered it onto a long piece of paper.  I've been waiting for a good idea for a growth chart to come along so that I could transfer those measurements onto it and take with us to another house.  Here it is!  I can't wait to make it!

    Front Porch Sprucing Up from Kate at Centsational Girl via Beneath My Heart
    I like this color green, maybe a little lighter.
    I have already done some of the things on her list of eight weekend projects to add some curb appeal, like painting my front door, and I added a path (not on her list).  But I still want to:
    • Paint my front porch concrete (I'll probably use a paint I already have).
    • Move my teak chairs to the front porch with a little table between them.
    • Add some plants - I'll probably dig up some stuff from the backyard to put there, like my autumn sage and birds of paradise.  I might steal some of my neighbor's rosemary, too.   
    • Make some flower boxes out of my reclaimed wood that I took from someone's curb.
    • Paint my shutters green. 
    Step Stool
    I have been totally obsessed with my desire to build things out of reclaimed fence wood.  I don't even remember when it all started, but I'm pretty crazy about it.  My first project is a step stool for the boys' bathroom.  I'm currently covered with sawdust from starting that project this morning.  It goes slowly when you have to monitor little boys in the kiddie pool and feed a baby that won't take a long enough nap.

    I am IN LOVE with this dining table, but I'd love to try to make a miniature version of it as a coffee table.  How awesome would that be!  I haven't had a coffee table in years because I didn't want to have say, "Stop jumping off of the coffee table," thirty-thousand times a day, but I'm ready for one again.  Although, in reality I'm probably going to wait until Isaac is walking well enough to not hit his head on it all the time.

    Other Ideas

    • Make inboxes out of my reclaimed wood and put little chalkboard tags on them with our names on them.
    • Paint the inside of my cabinet with chalkboard paint.
    • Make skinny picture shelves out of....wait for reclaimed wood.  
    • Start a potted herb garden.
    • Tear down the half-walls of my back porch and paint the concrete.  
    • Make a coat hook wall rack out  I have a ton of it, y'all.  
    What about you?  Got any fun summer projects?    


    1. Are you asking us to send you some request? I have a few, if that is the case :)

    2. thank you so much for showing off my growth chart!! it was so smart of you to mark down the heights to transfer....good thinking! we have a coffee table that looks really similar to the dining table you have pictured ~ and i love it ~ so i say go for it!!

      oh and i have to say, i was stalking your blog a bit, and your boys names are ALL ones that we had considered ~ we ended up with a jackson, and then a girl (carly) so we haven't gotten to use them yet :)

    3. you are welcome! you can see my coffee table on my living room tour post here:
      i don't think it was necessarily made to be a coffee table, but that's how we liked it! :)

    4. Hi Friend! I don't know why exactly I haven't come over to visit your blog---but I love it! And how sweet are you for showing off my table---I checked out Angie's coffee table version and I just love that too!!! I think that look is just wonderful! I am your newest follower! I looked around your blog and I just love your thoughts and your perspectives I think I will learn a lot from you!
      Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy


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