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Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Sleepy

So I've been pretty sleepy lately and haven't been as motivated to do projects (or dishes, or cooking, or laundry, or anything requiring movement) as I was just a couple of weeks ago.  Part of it has to do with the boys being with me 24/7 (i.e. no school, no VBS, no break for Mama), and part of it has to do with Isaac not sleeping well lately.  (I think he's getting a tooth, but there's no little bump yet, so it's frustrating to not know for sure what's wrong.)

It's really amazing what lack of sleep can do to a person.  I've been rather grumpy and grim.  Last night my sweet husband told me to go to bed at 7:30, and I jumped at the invitation.  So after I got ready and nursed the baby and put him down, I fell asleep by about 8:10.  Well, at precisely 8:24, Levi fell off of the train table, hitting his head on the tile, and screamed bloody murder, jolting me out of my fast coma.  (After a good cry - for about 10 minutes, he was just fine.)  I then couldn't fall back asleep for another two hours.  :'(  Woe is me.  The baby promptly woke up just a couple of hours later, so I just took him in bed with me so that I could at least get half sleep all night.

More to come soon, I promise.  I have the wood for the growth chart just sitting there begging to be sanded and prepped.  I took it from a house that was freshly torn down.  Oh, and a friend of mind alerted me to a huge pile of 2x4s on her neighbor's curb!  I took a ton of them, and I'm thinking about getting more if I get the energy to.  ALSO!!  One of my closest friends is getting married, and she's letting me help decorate!  I'm thrilled, and yes, there is a Pinterest board started already.  I'll be sharing more as I make the stuff.  She's even humoring me by letting me do some reclaimed wood in the decor.  How fun is that?!

BTW, you may have noticed that I haven't mentioned much about fitness lately.  That would be because I haven't been to the gym since I injured my big toe jumping away from the lizard that leaped/leapt out of the tile box.  My toe is just now FINALLY better, over two months later.  Plus, the baby is going to be old enough to leave in childcare at the gym in just 6 days!!!  Just in time.  Okay, I guess I better quit rambling and go raise some children.

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  1. Oh yes... working out, someday :)

    I loved it when kinds souls used to tell me "Sleep when the baby sleeps." And tell me exactly, how does one do that when there is another child (or more) to care for???? :)


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