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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chalkboard Fail

So I've recently jumped on the chalkboard paint bandwagon, albiet pretty late.  A crafty friend of mine just told me about magnetic chalkboard paint last night, and I'm super bummed that I didn't know about it until after I already bought my paint!  Oh well.  

So I have this wall right here.....
 ....that's the perfect spot for a chalkboard.  Wanna see a little to the left?  Yeah, my washer and dryer are in the kitchen and it's laundry day - one of the many reasons I want a bigger house.
ANYWAY!  I started out by putting a border up out of my reclaimed wood.  Whatever, I'm obsessed, I know.  So then I noticed that the wall is a bit wavy, so I had to caulk the border onto it.  No big.  
It was at this point, after just a few strokes of the brush that a little voice in my head said, "You need to stop and sand this first to make it a smooth writing service."  But then another voice countered with, "But the sander will wake up the baby, and you don't have that long until he wakes up."  So I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.
So I put three coats of paint, added a chalk tray, waited three days, and then did the chalk rub over it.  Immediately I hated it.  I was so mad at myself.
It's not only hard to write on, but you have to write gigantically for it to even be legible with all the bumps.  FAIL!!!  Why do I rush things?!

I'm planning on sanding it down the next chance I get.  Stay tuned!


  1. Yeah...I was gonna suggest putting a cut piece of wood for your smooth surface so you didn't have to re-texture the wall if you ever wanted to get rid of it/changed your mind later (not that you would) got a light switch right in the middle of the gotta sand that thing or make the board and cut out the light switch part. I dunno. It's an interesting idea. I've never heard of chalkboard paint and am curious to see how it all comes out.

  2. Instead of wood I would suggest masonite. That's what we made chalkboards out of in the dark ages when I was young. I think it's cheaper than wood and has a fabulously smooth side .
    Good point about re-texturing the wall if you ever take it down. Had not thought of that. The masonite would be cheaper than having the wall re-textured. Good idea--good place to put the chalkboard.

  3. I did think of that, but I don't have a saw that can cut holes out for the light switch. :-/

  4. Sand it. Life's short. When you change your mind in a few years, hang a large picture :)

    But don't give up the ship... a little sanding and it'll be great! I bought a cheapo frame/polyglass at Pat Catan's and painted over the polyglass with chalkboard paint. That's always an option.

    Get yourself a Starbucks & carry on girl!

  5. Baby's asleep now, so I think I'm about to get all dirty sanding. :) I'll settle for chicken nuggets instead of Starbucks, but your idea is better. ;)


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