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Friday, May 13, 2011

Prom Schmrom

So I never went to prom.  There, I said it.  I'm not sure how I feel about you knowing that now.  I thought it would feel good to get it out, but I'm conflicted.

This being prom season and all, the topic comes up a lot.  I usually just stay quiet when people talk about it (that and SAT scores) because I don't want to say that I didn't go.  It's not that I didn't want to go; I wasn't the prom-is-stupid type.

I blamed it on money to my friends, but I could have made it work because I was working at a barbecue place at the time.  Sure, all of my money went to repairing my POS 1982 Oldsmobile Toronado, but I could have put off a few repairs.  God knows it ran on luck anyway.

No, it's that I wasn't asked.  That makes me sad for my little 17 year old self.  I was going to ask this guy that I liked from another school, but he didn't ask me to his prom, so I figured he didn't like me back.  Wah wah wah...Plus, I just couldn't bring myself to ask a guy out.  No offense if you've done it; I was just way too insecure to risk the rejection.

I have lots of regrets in life, but that's a pretty big one.  I know that it shouldn't be, but still.

On a brighter note, Michael didn't go to prom either, but he went to the prom-like banquet of a friend's.  Here's that fun story.  This picture kills me.  They're just babies!

Did you go to prom?


  1. I was never asked to prom. The best that came of it was that after skipping my junior prom... I figured... for my parants and future grandchildren's potential embarrasing photo moments... I might better get a date to the senior romp... in case I might regret it forever. Who doesn't want their kids to make fun of their mom's towered hair for years to come? I just couldn't mess up our lives like that...

    So I asked my gay friend from a school located a county over. It was bedazzling. lol Sadly enough, I didn't get that awaited kiss... and its only then did I realized, that my Madonna loving BFF from Another County School... didn't play on MY team.

    Oh well. At least I didn't turn him gay... he did that all by himself... and I still love him to this very day.

  2. I wasn't going to go to prom because I didn't have the money. Then, I got rear-ended. And the left over money of the settlement to get the car fixed was $400. It bought me a prom dress, a ticket, and a spot in my friends' limo. I was over the moon. . . Until my boyfriend of two years broke up with me days before prom. lol! I still went with him! I'm such a dutz. :-)

  3. Oh my goodness! Sarah went to a non-prom with your husband? I need to get caught up on this backstory!

    (My husband went to prom with my best friend from high school.)

  4. I asked a junior to my prom. I liked him at the time and no one had asked me so one day I got up the HUGE guts it took and asked him. I thought maybe it meant he liked me back... until he spent the whole of the prom after party flirting with all the junior girls that were there. Ugh, it's embarrassing to even write that!

  5. My boyfriend broke up with me days before prom, so I ended up going with my best friends dates cousin. Can't even remember his name! The four of us had fun! The dude that dumped me is now married to the girl he dumped me for! She chased him the entire time we dated! So, guess they were meant to be! HA!

  6. I went to prom with a girl a had known from my earliest of memories. We didn't frequent the same circle of friends and had little to nothing in common (in hindsight). Neither one of us had a date so we decided to go with each other. Once prom was over, we went to the same rather large after prom party and I never saw her again that night. I felt so used.

  7. BTW, why does Michael look like little orphan Annie? WTF is up with that red hair?

  8. An explanation of the hair: I bleached my hair a few months before this, and then went to Ogles (the salon school) to get it corrected. I said I'd like a dark color similar to what it was with a possible red highlight. The "student" gave me that hair color. So there you go.

  9. OMG, I have SOOO enjoyed reading all of your prom stories. They're hilarious! One of my friends just told me yesterday, "Oh Annie, I just read that you didn't go to prom." But she said it as if I had a terminal illness. I thought it was funny, and it made the point of my post. Haha.

  10. Annie I went with Dylan!! It was awful. The end. The only thing you missed out on was footing the bill on a dress, shoes, dinner, and if you're a big spender a limo. Otherwise it was just like one of our parties only in formal wear. And (most) everyone was moderately sober.

  11. Micheal, your hair was very pretty. For some reason, I don't remember your hair ever changing colors but at that time I was busy trying to win the heart of a blonde from Joshua so I may have been too busy to notice. :-D


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