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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Poop Mud

So my back porch has gotten totally out of hand after my slew of projects since it was where all the junk went afterward:
  • the bags of leftover grout and mortar after the bathroom project
  • the old toilet
  • the tile scraps
  • a 5-gallon bucket of hardened mortar (don't ever use the fast-drying mortar - ever!)
  • a wheel barrel full of leftover cement from my pathway project
  • kids' summer toys that we pulled out of the shed when we cleaned it out
  • and lawn stuff that I'm selling on Craig's List (which I just remembered that I'm waiting on Michael to see if they work - Honey-do, please!)
So I started cleaning up the mess, and I realized that our big trashcan was hiding back behind the shed.  I remembered that we had company one day, and we didn't want them to smell the poopy Pull-ups that were in a couple of trash bags on said porch, so we put the two bags in the trashcan and, yep...hid them behind the shed.  

Well, you guessed it - we forgot about it.  Several trash days came and went, and those poopy bags stayed put.  That was over a month ago, and lucky me, the lid was left off, too!  Yay!  

So I got my rubber gloves on and started cleaning it up.  Guh-ross!  I tipped it over to pour the water out, and a swarm of mosquitos and flies flew out along with the most putrid smell.  I felt...oh so classy, lemme tell ya.  There was also some dirt in there from when I had pulled up some weeds and threw them in there.  So now I had poopy mud and stickers in the mix.  Awesome.  

As much as I wanted to leave it for Michael to clean up, I put on my big girl underwear, bagged it all up, and sprayed the can out.  I'll spare you all of the fun details of cleaning out this exciting mess, but rest assured that thing is clean now!

The life lesson here (and why I shared such a non-exciting and mundane story):  The longer you try to hide your shit poop, the stinkier it will get.  :D

Holla!  Dig it, yo!  (I totally say those things in "real life".  What?  I do!  Hehe...)

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  1. LOVE!!!! This reminds me of the time I was helping you hang that mirror behind your couch after you guys first moved you know what I'm talking about??

  2. So do you have a lawnmower in the lawn things you're going to put on Craigs list?

  3. Yes! Do you want it? (I'll email you in case you don't see this.)

  4. Ahahahaha!!! I love it. Gross, but great lesson, yo;)

  5. You're so brave! I would've waited for the husband to come home ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

    In case you don't see my response there... I'll be more than happy to invite you to Pinterest! I'll need your email though (you can email me at if you would like to keep it private)

  6. Hilary HeinrichsSaturday, June 18, 2011

    Oh my gosh! I nearly peed my pants laughing. You are hilarious!


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