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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mumford and Sons and My European Dreams

Oh man, I love Mumford and Sons.  If you've been under a musical rock for a while (like I usually am), then they're an English folk band.  LOVE THEM!!!

I love love love when a songwriter can make me feel, and they do this lyrically and musically.  So talented!

Anyway, when I listen to them I find myself daydreaming about going to England and drinking a gross pint of their warm beer at an out-of-the-way pub while listening to a band like them.  And then it reminds me that 31 years have gone by, and I still haven't made it over the Atlantic.

In college my girlfriends and I would always start to plan a European backpacking trip, but who were we kidding.  I was living off of student loans and a 15 hour a week job, living in a ratty apartment that smelled of the spices used by the 20 international students in the 2 bedroom apartment below me.  I had no spare cash.

Then I got married and realized that $80k of debt was a lot.  Going on a European vacay at that point seemed pretty stupid ludicrous irresponsible.

So now that we're debt-free (what! what!), I'm so excited about making these daydreams a reality!  And we'll be doing it totally guilt-free and paying cash!  I can't wait!  No more paying off the past - only seizing the day!  Once Isaac gets old enough to pawn off on leave in the care of loving family members, Michael and I are headed for a gross, warm pint!  

Here's a little sample of Mumford and Sons.  Enjoy.  :)


  1. I love it and I love picturing you guys traveling across the pond, childless and drinking a gross pint. :) I love Mumford & Sons, too. They are great cleaning around the house music. Makes it so much more fun!

  2. Sounds like fun! So proud of y'all for WINNING! I am even more inspired and excited about the day where we can begin to make dreams become a reality (after paying off our $85K of mistakes!) Keep sharing your stories because it truly keeps me going! Thank you :)

  3. Well, it sounds like you're determined, Jessica, so it WILL happen!! We had our fair share of mistakes, but it's what you do about them that counts. Aren't you glad you decided to live like no one else!!


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