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Friday, May 20, 2011

Mistaken Identity

Have you ever met someone that looks different every time you see them - like a different person?  Well, there's this other mom of one of the boys on the tee-ball team, and I swear every time I see her I go, "That's her?"

Well, her kids also go to my kids' same preschool, and I have said hi to her at least twice at school.  Well, at least I thought I did.  Turns out that I was saying hi to the wrong person.  It wasn't her at all.  This girl has looked totally confused every time I've greeted her, and it's because she doesn't know who the hell I am.  How embarrassing.  Oh well.


  1. hahahaha.....
    that sounds like something I would do

  2. I did that on the elevator at work with one of Sharon's friends. This woman wouldn't look at me the whole time I was trying to make small talk. I realized it was the wrong person until about the time my the door opened to my floor. I think she thought I was trying to hit on her.


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