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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Making Money and My Role

Lately I've been kind of frustrated about not having an income of my own.  I'm SO incredibly blessed to be able to stay home with my kids and that Michael is so talented and makes plenty for us to live on, but something just gets to me every now and then that makes me feel inadequate about not having an income.

I was venting about this to Michael the other day, and it's not like I want to go get a job, but I just needed to vent.  So he started reminding me of all I do to add to the value of our family:

  • no childcare expense
  • home-cooking - little dining out expense
  • budgeting and debt-free living
  • time - not being crazy busy adds to the value of a family
There were other things, too, but I don't remember.  Anyway, it felt good to be valued.  I think I'd feel pressured to work if I didn't have such a supportive and amazing husband.  He's a keeper.


  1. Well, he's right!:) Many working moms earn very, very little (if anything) after the childcare expenses, clothing budget, gas, and eating out. I'm super blessed to be able to earn money from home (sans all of those expenses); but, if it were possible, I'd really just rather be a mom:)

  2. Thanks, Ana. :) And yes, Sarah, it's good to be reminded that the grass isn't always greener. On FB so many of my friends reminded me that they'd love to be able to just stay home. I really need to remember to be content in that.

  3. Annie,
    I used to feel the same way when I quit to work with the family business, but now looking back, and working for a large company, I see now just how much I was actually contributing. I would love to be able to work from home now, but I do not ever see that happening any time soon. Enjoy the time that you have with the boys and being able to stay home. You are definitly the envy of many a working mom.


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