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Monday, May 2, 2011

Lamp Overhaul

What did I do today?  Funny you should ask.  It was a rainy day, and we were stuck inside, so I decided to overhaul my lamp.  :)  I saw this blog, and I thought it was such a good idea, and more importantly, I already had all of the supplies that I needed (no money, no trip to the store).  It went quick, too!  That's the best part.
I'm not going to tell you how I did it all, because if you want to do it, you should go to the tutorial that she links to for in depth directions.  I will tell you that I used hot glue for the ribbon and underside gluing.  I also used some spray glue adhesive for the fabric to stick to the shade.  Using hot glue was a mistake, though, because it made it too lumpy.  :(  Shoulda used fabric glue, but I was too impatient (three kids and all).
So what's your honest opinion?



  1. That is adorable! I love it!

  2. Thanks, y'all. I was thinking that I liked the shade better before I put the borders on it. I don't know. I know that I need to put a shellac on the base, too. I think I'm going to do that tomorrow when the boys are in school.

  3. I love those fabric colors... so lively! You're right about the glue gun, I think grosgrain hides the lumps a little better than other ribbon choices, but I like your shade with the trim. I say keep the trim :)

  4. Thanks, Kristy! I'll probably keep messing with it until I'm totally happy with it. :-/


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