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Monday, May 16, 2011

Make it Right!

At about this stage in a home improvement project, I get the overwhelming urge to start half-assing it.  Then the wise words of my HGTV crush Mike Holmes begin ringing in my ears: "Make it right," which I always correct in my head by saying, "Make it correctly."  I digress...ahem.

So anyway, the front bathroom was the only room in the house that we haven't done a thing to in the 6 years that we've lived here.  It wasn't because we didn't want to but because it was just fine, a bit 'old lady' but fine.  So when we decided to sell in a couple of years I realized that I can't keep ignoring those mold spots underneath the linoleum that keep getting bigger and bigger (nasty, I know).  So one day last month I just ripped it all up and bleached the heck out of it.  We lived with the ugly, black concrete for a month or so.
So then in an effort to save money [rolling my eyes - you'll see why later] we decided to use the leftover kitchen tile.  It's a thick, handmade, Mexican Saltillo tile.  We made some mistakes laying it in the kitchen, but having learned from those mistakes, I was going to lay them perfectly in the bathroom.  On Saturday, my very sweet and beautiful friend Kellie helped me to get to this stage of the tiling project.  Oh and Michael's friend Chet helped him take the sink and the toilet out, as we are not very handy in that regard.  
As you can see, it's mortared but not grouted, and there is no toilet or sink.  Well, here's why (go head and proceed to chuckle at mine and Michael's plumbing ignorance).  There are bolts that come out of the foundation in which to anchor the fixtures onto.  Well, Kellie and I tried to get them out so that we could make them longer since the tiles were so high, but they weren't budging.  One of them was spinning without moving.  Plus, Saltillo tiles are uneven and not level, so the two tiles that both the toilet and the sink would sit on were different levels.  So we threw in the bath towel and decided to call our trusted plumber.  

Pay no mind to the crack in the tile.  I cried inside when I did that.  It's going to be underneath the sink anyway.  
This is the spot for the toilet.
I really get tempted to rush things and get hasty when things go slowly or when I face obstacles like this, but thankfully I have a husband that reminds me to be patient and that I'll regret it if I half-ass it.  

So now I just have to:
  • put the tile back on the wall (found the perfect color match at Home Depot).
  • get the plumber to assess what we need to do
  • grout
  • get the plumber to put the toilet and sink back in
  • take those hideous floral tiles out (there are 9 of them) and replace with plain white ones
  • paint the cabinets and ceiling
  • get a new shower curtain rod
  • get a new shower curtain 

As you can see, something that was only supposed to cost $50 has now turned into much more.  Such is home improvement!  It's always three times more expensive and takes three times longer than planned.  Oh well.  At least we'll be able to enjoy it for a couple of years before we hand over the keys to someone else. 


  1. Love the flower accented tile back splash. How long did that take to do?

    JK... :-p

    Looks good. Keep us posted.

    BTW, tile is so unholy. Its bad for your body and your soul. Hats off to anyone who attempts a tile job.

  2. OMG, tell me about it! I'm still sore from all of the standing, sitting, and squatting! I pretty much hate it.


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