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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are you tired of hearing about my bathroom?

Well, I sure am!  For now, however, I am FINISHED!!  I'm so glad to get on with my life!  Remodeling pretty much sucks when you have little kids.  They most definitely have a built in sensor that tells them to automatically start to whine, fight, get suddenly and extremely hungry or thirsty, or hurt themselves or their brother right when I begin to work.
And actually, I lied.  I'm not completely finished, but I am finished for now.  I stayed up until midnight last night to finish painting the cabinet.  I was thinking about just putting the old hardware back on, but then my sweet friend (and awesome writer - please blog more!) Becki sent me these links to these knobs and finials, and I really wanted some knobs that looked like the finials, but then I remembered that I had some new knobs in my shed.  Score!  Thanks for the brain jog, Beeks!  (They don't look like the awesome finials, but they're new and they'll do.)

But then I didn't want to put the other pulls back on because they wouldn't match the new knobs.  So then I remembered this blogger that made a wooden crate and used rope as the pulls.  (Can anyone remember where that came from?  I searched and searched and couldn't find it.)  I didn't have cool, thick rope, but I didn't want to spend another dime, so this is what I came up with.  Total cost of the painting: Zilch!  I already had it all.
I wish I had taken a before picture, but just imagine it white and ugly.

This picture was the widest shot I could get of the room since it's so tiny.  I was standing on the edge of the tub.  Do me a favor and don't look too closely at the grout.  It's a bit unevenly colored because I put too much sealer on it.  I was trying to act preemptively to save my poor grout from the bad aim of its new users.  It will even out after we mop it a couple times.  Here's the before and after:

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  1. Looks great. Good idea with the rope pulls!

  2. Good color choice and its looking grand...

    The rope pulls on the drawer were done by Wendy @ Shabby Nest!

  3. i totally feel your pain ~ remodeling is HARD with kids around!!!

    thanks for stopping by & leaving your sweet comment ~ i appreciate it SO much!!

  4. i love the color that you painted the cabinet, it looks like a smoky gray/blue. gorgeous! and i saw your previous post-i'm so glad you are all ok and safe from tornadic (never heard that word before!) activity.

  5. Thanks, everyone!!

    Haha, I felt a bit douchey for saying "tornadic" but I didn't know how else to say it. They say it on the news a lot, and I always make fun of them because it sounds made up.

    And yes, it's a grey/blue. I got it from a Pottery Barn color swatch book a couple of years ago. I love it!


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