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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nighttime Parenting

If you know how nighttime parenting was the bane of my existence for the first two years of Samuel and Levi's lives, then you'll really join in my overwhelming joy at my upcoming announcement.  Wait for it...wait for it....

Isaac has slept through the night in his own crib for three nights in a row!

First night: 7 hours
Second night: 7.5 hours
Third night: 8 hours!!!
As it turns out, this bed ain't just for show!  
He is such an easy baby.  I'm sure it's a combination of me being WAY more laid back with him than I was with the others as well as him not having ridiculously bad reflux like the others did.

I can put him in his crib for naptime or bedtime, wide awake, and guess what - he'll fall asleep on his own!  What!  Life is good, my friends.  Life.Is.Good.  :)

Now I just need to learn the art of being more laid back with Levi.  Maybe once I can do that he'll start pooping and peeing in the toilet.  He's got my number!


  1. It's so true that our first children sense our worry or perfectionism or what have you and totally play on that:)

  2. That is great news, so glad your baby is sleeping well:)

  3. Thanks, y'all! He did in fact wake up every two hours the next two nights, but I still have hope!!


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