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Monday, April 18, 2011

Junk Food Soap Box

OK, I'm about to get on my soap box; just let me for a minute - I need this.  When I was a kid, I don't remember there being a snack after every single thing we did (I did go to a pretty poor elementary school on the southside of San Antonio, though).  The only time we ever really had a snack was at a birthday party.

Today, however, there just seem to be SOOOO many opportunities to fill mine and my kids bellies with empty, nutrition-less calories at every corner.  During Easter alone there are dozens of opportunities for egg hunts, and what do you think fills most of those eggs?  Sugar!  I'm guilty, too, ashamedly so.  But for the record, I'm filling the kids Easter eggs with:
  • bubbles
  • Annie's Bunny Crackers (get it?)
  • yogurt covered raisins
  • temporary tattoos
  • money

And when they get candy from other sources (which is fine), I'm just going to put it in their candy jar and only give them a piece as a treat every now and then.  

And then there's tee-ball.  Do the kids really need a snack after being away from home for an hour and a half.  I mean, seriously.  They're not really burning many calories out there.  I'm not being heartless; it's just a fact.  So it's my turn to bring the snacks and drinks after the game this Saturday, and I'm boycotting the sugary mess that is usually served.  No offense to you if you've participated in said mess; I certainly have, too.  And it's not as if I don't allow my kids to partake; I do.  I'm just tired of it.  You know what I'm serving at Saturday's game?  Fruit, muffins, and 100% juice boxes (not thrilled about that, but it's better than HFCS drinks).  I mean, it's a sport!  Sports are supposed to promote a healthy lifestyle, right?

And for the record, I'm not being unloving or too strict or mean if I do not allow my kids to eat junk food all of the time.  try to limit their junk food intake because I LOVE them and I take childhood obesity very seriously.  When this generation of kids is predicted to live shorter lives than their parents, that makes me very sad, especially because it's our fault.  And I know from experience that we as parents don't intentionally give our kids crap; we do feel bad about it.  But it's just default.  A default diet for an American kid is full of sugar and fat and lacking in nutrition.  It takes a bit of effort to get out of default.

OK, I think I got it all out of my system now.  Whew!  I needed that.  Stepping down now.  Sorry about that.  ;)


  1. I totally agree with your post. I will admit, I give in to McD's every so often (esp when my husband is out of town) but we do not keep junk food in the house. Our older two boys always comment how their friends have good food (ie: chips, sodas, every sugary candy/food you can think of) at their house and our food is boring. lol PLus my oldest son is very high strung/hyper (although he has not been officially diagnosed with ADHD)...we monitor his diet especially and notice that when he does have certain foods (junk foods)--he bounces off even more so than usual. Great post!

  2. "Every so often" is the key. Most kids are getting McD'sand other junk several times a weeks! We don't keep junk in the house, either, and my kids are starting to notice. Haha. And yes, I totally see a difference in my kids' behavior after junk food. It's not worth it! :) Thanks for reading, Mandy!

  3. I'm just totally offended! UGH..JUST KIDDING!!!! ha! You know I'm kidding! But I had to say it - because, well, you know me and your boys love to come to my house for those forbidden snacks. HA!

    This is an area I SOOOOOO need to work on, as you know.

  4. OMG, I swear I didn't have you in mind when I was writing this, Misti. :)

  5. Hey Annie,

    First, I LOVE your blog! Second, I can't imagine why anyone would give kids sugary snacks during or after they play a sport! I remember when I was a kid, playing soccer & t-ball, we had apples and orange slices and juice boxes, but mostly water during and after our games! This world has changed so much since I was a kid. It's really very sad. I commend you for raising your kids on wholesome, nutritious foods. Those sugary foods are going to cause them to "crash" and therefore, they won't be able to reach their full potential! Great post!

    And on another note, I've been meaning to tell you, Brian and I had fun hanging out with you guys a couple weeks ago! We should get together again sometime! Have a great week!

    ~Erin Bergman

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  7. Great post. I am a little over weight due to a few things...hormonal problems and just plain out of energy, but I wasnt always this way. I recently started to notice that my very fit and not over weight older two kids 13 and 5 have started to gain a little weight...NOT GOOD! It struck a chord with me and I decided that we are all going to change the junk food craze in our home. I guess, I felt that its one thing if Im not where I should be, but to allow my kids to become unhealthy is NOT happening! They were shocked when we by passed the ice cream today. I explained to them that its just not healthy and that we(they) have not been very active this summer (as you know, July in Texas can be rough). Anyway, I do remember when I played sports, all we had was water and maybe gatorade. Snacks didnt exist, and neither did dessert after dinner (our weakness.) I agree that something bad has taken over this generation, and I am, pretty sure its commercialism. All the junk food commercials make it all look so good and so tempting, that it only makes kids and adults want said products that much more. Its our responsibility as parents to shield and protect our children from these junk food producing predators. Thanks for the post, it only helped cement my decision.


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