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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breast and Bottle

We went to a really awesome fun run with the kids this morning.  I say 'awesome' because it was.  I say 'fun', though, and I lie.  Samuel was a stinker the whole time making it the opposite.  I say 'run' and lie, as well; we walked the whole time with said grumpy kid crying the whole time.  The event, however, was set up to be really cool.  Michael's work puts on this 5k every year for a cancer charity, and one of these years we'll actually run it together.  One really cool thing did come out of it, however.

I guess the race got me thinking about how it would be nice to have a babysitter so that we could actually participate in stuff like that, not to mention have a date night from time to time.  Then while we were on our way home I was thinking about how that would never happen if I get myself into the same predicament that I did with Levi, where he wouldn't take a bottle.  So even though we were going to have a busy morning I told Michael that I was going to pump when we got home and give the baby a bottle.  It would take some fancy footwork because the baby would be pretty hungry at that point, but if I didn't make it happen, then I would just keep procrastinating it, letting the weeks and months float by...dateless.

So step one was complete.  I pumped, and Michael was able to hold the baby off and distract him from being hungry.  Then, the moment of truth...would he even drink it from a bottle?  Well, guess what!  HE DRANK FROM A BOTTLE!!!!!  OH GLORIOUS DAY!!!  PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY!!!

I was so excited that I started looking for babysitters right away.

This might not seem blogworthy to some of you, but that just means that you have never had a baby that was never more than 2 hours away from you!

So anyway, now my plan is to pump and bottle feed him every few days so that he gets more and more comfortable with it.  And in May I'm actually going to get to go on a date with my husband without having to breastfeed a baby in the beginning, middle, and end of the date!  (May because dates weren't budgeted for this month, hehe.)

That's all.

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