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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Three Little Birds" Shirts and Baby Legs

I have some really amazing friends, and oh so talented, too.  Here are just a couple of the sweet baby gifts that my friends made for my kiddos.  There's no better way to my heart than through loving my kids.  :)

My amazingly talented friend Lyndy, an accomplished seamstress (are they still called that; it seems so antiquated), made these adorable baby legs.  While she is extremely talented, these baby legs are actually pretty easy to make.  All she did was cut the feet out of men's socks and hem up the ends.  They work perfectly, and I've gotten so many compliments on them.  LOVE THEM!!

My other sweet friend Robyn, who is so very creative and fun, made these precious little T-shirts.  She got her inspiration from my post about getting a Three Little Birds tattoo.  I LOVE these shirts for my three little birds.  She cut the patterned fabric out in the shape of the birds, used fabric adhesive to attach it to the T-shirts (possibly an iron on deal - I don't know), and then used fabric paint to draw the bird legs and numbers onto the shirts.  Great idea!  I love it!
Do you know how impossible it is to get a good picture of three squirmy, little boys?  Levi was trying to bite Samuel's head after Samuel bit Levi's shoulder.
Levi was being especially cuddly and cute with Isaac.  I love this picture.


  1. You do have some great and creative friends. Those shirts are so adorable, makes your heart melt :)

    Love the baby legs...I know I tell you that every time I see them on little Isaac.

    Such sweet memories. :)

  2. yeah, im glad that you love the baby legs and that isaac looks so cute in them. :)


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