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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review: Spiral Diner and Bakery

Going out to eat whist (is that word coming to the end of its trendiness...maybe) on a diet is nearly impossible without totally blowing it.  So when we were trying to decide where to go for our Valentine's date, Michael found an awesome vegan place called Spiral Diner and Bakery in Fort Worth in the hospital district (there's one in Oak Cliff, too).

I normally shy away from vegan places because I'm afraid they're going to judge me.  As I was walking from the parking lot to the restaurant I realized I had a leather purse and was wearing leather boots [[dang it!!]].  But I swear, the people that worked there were the nicest, friendliest, most helpful restaurant staff. They even took Michael's dozens of vegan questions in stride and with a sense of humor.

The atmosphere was casual and had a very laid back vibe.  You seat yourself; a waiter takes your order; you get your own drinks, but they bring your food; and you pay at the front.

The food was awesome.  For an appetizer we had a portobello quesadilla.  It was ridiculously good.  I don't know what they make their fake cheese out of, but you could have fooled me!  It was delicious, filling, and so healthy.  I loved the whole wheat tortilla it was on.  Delicious!

I had a veggie wrap for dinner:

It was pretty good for what it was, but honestly, I probably would ask them to leave out the sweet potatoes next time.  I didn't like the sweetness, but I should have read the name of the plate again.

Michael got a hot plate for dinner:

I believe he loved it.  It was very filling, and he took half of it home and ate it the next day.  He had never had quinoa before and was pleasantly surprised.

For dessert we got a chocolate chip cookie (for me), an oatmeal cranberry cookie (for him), and a chocolate peanut butter cup (for each of us).  They were all unbelievably good.  ALL of the sweets looked amazing.  I think I will go back again just for coffee and desserts.  YUMMM!

So we ended up using most of our Weight Watchers points on the appetizer and desserts, but it wasn't bad.  The only bad part of eating here is that they don't list their nutrition information, so we don't really know how many points we ate.  We could only guess.  All in all, though, we felt pretty good about what we ate.

I give two thumbs up to this place.  We will definitely be back.


  1. They use Daiyia (sp?) for the cheese it is the best vegan brand out there but isn't available for purchase at places at whole foods yet.

  2. Thanks so much for the review Annie. I have been wanting to go there but my hubby has been reluctant. Maybe I will try harder to convince him to go.

  3. I love anything with portobello. Yum!!

    P.S. "Whist" might be going out of fashion, but I think "whilst" is still OK;)

  4. I LOVE the Spiral Diner. One of my favorite places in Cow Town to eat.


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