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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Good Day

This will be a short post because Michael gave me the house to myself for about an hour so I'm going to clean fast and furiously, but I wanted to share about my fantastic day.

So I really love movies, but Michael doesn't exactly share my passion. So when we go out on dates, we rarely end up seeing them.  And something I always said I'd do when both the older boys started school was see movies again while they were in school.  Now, nearly 6 months later, I finally did.

I had a goal of seeing all of the Academy Award best picture nominees before the awards show, but I just now saw the first one....oh wait, the second (forgot that Toy Story 3 was up for best picture, and of course I've seen that one about a hundred times now).  So I went to the 11:05AM showing of The King's Speech, and Isaac and I were the only ones there.  (Awesome movie, by the way.  Colin Firth is brilliant!)

I think I might be addicted to doing that now.  LOVE IT!  I didn't feel pathetic about going to the movies by myself in the least.  It was fabulous!  I loved having the theatre all to myself.  I could nurse Isaac at will, and if he cried (which he didn't really) it wouldn't bother anyone.  I felt so, what's the word, badass, like, "That's right; y'all are going to play this movie just for me, and I'm only paying five bucks, suckas."  Hehe.

So then I went and bought a bunch of nursing shirts, which I always thought were overrated, but OMG, they're not!  Love them!  Anyway, that was my fabulous day.  I was due for one.  How 'bout you?


  1. You are SO badass! ;) haha I'm glad you had such a great day. And congrats on 5lbs.


  2. I went to the movie theater alone to see Harry Potter without Emma and it was MAGICAL. I didn't care I was going by myself! I have always wanted to try out Cry Baby Matinee at The Angelika. You've inspired me to try it out. Glad you had such a good time! And heck yeah, nursing tops are awesome! Where have you been?? :-)


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