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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mommy's Little Helpers

Well, I'm sitting here on my bed while the cleaning lady works in the other part of the house, and it's just now really hitting me that on Monday I'll be on my own since Michael is going back to work!  The boys are in school right now, and Michael went into work for half a day while they're in school, so the house is quiet and peaceful as it's being primped and prepared for our big day on Monday.  It's the calm before the storm.

I'm a bit nervous because I know that the boys know how to take advantage of me while I'm busy with the baby.  My plan of attack is....dun dun take away their toys.  No timeouts, no spankings, no flying off the handle.  I'm simply just going to take away the toy that is their current favorite and give it back when they've changed their tune.  I think it's a pretty good plan.  We'll see if it works.

My hope, however, is that they'll be sweet little helpers, loving their baby brother like on this day...
 I don't know that baby brother liked it so much, though.

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  1. My experience was that the older two boys entertained each other while I took care of the baby. I positioned myself in their play area (which you have also done) and fed and rocked the baby. Then when the baby was down for a nap I had time to spend with them. I guess my point is, the boys will entertain each other but the toys might not be as orderly as you would like. You sort of get a new normal during the day.
    Also remember you are less than 1 month out of major surgery so take time to rest and rejuvenate while the baby is sleeping. Thank you for having these wonderful sons/grandsons. It can be overwhelming, but you handle things with such grace. Love you, Ann


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