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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Isaac's Birth Story, Part 2: Getting Over the Hump

I titled this one "Getting Over the Hump" because, for me at least, that's what the first two weeks of a baby's life is for the parents.  The challenges of breastfeeding are a test in one's stamina and determination to say the least.  I honestly don't judge those that choose not to breastfeed after trying it.  (I'll be honest, though, when I say that I'd like it if they at least tried it.)  It's hard, and I don't really know anyone that didn't have any challenges with it.  I've wanted to quit many times this week, but I have to keep reminding myself of the reasons that I do it and that I just have to get over this two week hump.  So here's the rest of my time-line up until now.

The ENT graciously got us a 10:30AM appointment for that day, so we loaded up the van and drove to Dallas.  He first discovered that Isaac had a sinus infection, which was kind of weird.  So he suctioned his nose and gave him an antibiotic prescription and a nasal spray.  Then he clipped his tongue and had me nurse immediately after.  It was a bit of a bloody experience (not too bad, but not something you want to see while nursing).  I couldn't tell yet if the clip worked or not.  I talked to my lactation consultant, and she said that sometimes they have to relearn how to suck after a clip.  So she gave me some exercises to do with him to retrain his sucking habits.  (As of now, they seem to have helped a ton.)

The other challenge, as I mentioned in my last post, was baby blues.  I was so distraught over this nursing relationship being so challenging, so I would just cry and cry and cry.  I decided to cancel my sip 'n see which was scheduled for Saturday because I just wasn't in the place to have to worry about 1) getting my house in order for company and 2) nursing in front of others while I was still at the least grimacing in extreme pain at every latch.  Canceling it gave me a lot of relief, so I knew it was the right thing to do.

We were just trucking along all weekend, waiting for me to heal and waiting for Isaac to relearn his suckle.  There is a little more progress made each day.  Yeah, it's not going as fast as I'd like it to, but it's going in the right direction.  I'm still pumping and syringe feeding him about 2/3 of the time and then nursing about 1/3 of the time.  Yeah, it kind of sucks, but at least I'm able to preserve our breastfeeding relationship this way, so I'm fine with it.  I think everything will turn around soon.

Some materialistic things that are helping me get over the hump are:
  • my awesome Canon Rebel T2I with zoom lens that Michael bought me for Christmas.  It's so nice to have good pictures of the kids with the baby.  I love it!
  • the Medela Symphony breastpump that we rented for a month from the hospital.  It's SOOOO much better than the Ameda Purely Yours that I took a risk on this time around.  I hate the Ameda, just for the record - should have splurged on the Medela Pump In Style again (sold my last one).
  • My Breast Friend pillow.  I like it so much more than any of the other breastfeeding pillows that I've had.  The Boppy I didn't like because it was always letting the baby roll right off of it.  And while I loved the Blessed Nest, it always seemed a bit heavy and difficult to adjust once it was in position.  But I love how the My Breast Friend clips around you and allows for good posture while nursing.  That's definitely something that every other pillow lacks.  And baby doesn't roll off and is positioned perfectly.  I love it!
  • Pampers diapers with the wetness indicator.  These are my favorite diapers for newborns because they have that yellow line down the front that turns blue when the baby is wet.  This comes in handy greatly when you're charting the input and output of baby to make sure he's on track.
And these are the beautiful moments that get me over the hump:

I was so afraid at how Levi would react to Isaac, but he has been SO incredibly good and loving.  And I'm really happy about that and love seeing the bond that's already growing between these brothers. 
Michael and the boys came home with balloons (the boys' idea), roses and coffee (Michael's idea) to make me feel better after school on Friday.  It definitely did the trick.  I love my boys! 
Samuel is such a natural little caretaker.  He loves his new brother and helping Mommy take care of him.  He has a servant's heart that just melts mine. 
Levi wanted to hand the roses to me again just before throwing them on the floor.  Haha.  He loves his mommy, though; I know that. 
Before bedtime the boys included Isaac in on their nighttime prayers.  They prayed that he'd learn how to nurse properly soon.  It was so sweet and special.  If this image doesn't get a mommy over a hump, nothing will!  I love my boys.  :)


  1. Yeah, these are lovely photos. Glad things are getting better. Praying that Isaac's latch, and your healing and blues keep getting better and better and better.
    Liz x

  2. Awesome pictures! So precious!

  3. Oh my goodness what precious boys!! I am praying you continue to feel better and better. Your boys are sweet and nurturing and caring because you and Michael are sweet and nurturing and caring. Children really do learn what they live. Love you all, Mimi


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