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Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's Left of Nesting

I decided to start packing my hospital bag yesterday, and I had so much fun.  It made me so excited to get all those things ready for use!  I packed my baby and breastfeeding books, pump, nursing pillow, birth plan, and the little outfits that he would wear for pictures and to come home in.  Cahhuuute!  My sister-in-law gave me the perfect little warm outfit for him to come home in because it's a onesie with separate pants that have bear footies, and a jacket with a bear head hoodie.  It's perfect for cold weather bundling up.  

With Christmas being so close, my nesting instincts are kicking in full force because I want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch just in case Isaac decides to come early.  

All I have left to do is:
- finish packing - The clothes are the hardest to pack because I'll have to be using some of them until just a couple of days before the surgery.  Plus, I have to go shopping for some stuff, like travel size toiletries, etc. I hate not being able to check this off of my To-Do list right now, but oh well.
- finish wrapping the kids' presents - I only have a few left, but now I'm out of school time, so I'll have to do it while Michael takes them out of the house.  
- rent a Rug Doctor - My living room furniture is pretty disgusting right now, so I want to use it for that.  Levi is sick and has been wiping his nose on the couch (trust me, I'm trying to stop him, but he's quick).  And the couch and chair have just been looking pretty shabby lately anyway.  I'd love to get it done before the baby gets here.  Plus, I'm hoping that cleaning it will help me to be a little more patient about buying new ones.  
- buy a scarf - This sounds really important, I know.  ;)  But I was thinking about my hair while I'm in the hospital, and I thought that the best way to avoid having to think about what it looks like would be to put a scarf on it.  I guess I could do a knit hat or something, too, but I found some really cute scarves at World Market the other day, so I think I'm going to head up there at some point to get one.  
- make some casseroles - I also want to make up some casseroles in aluminum pans to freeze and pop in the oven after the baby is born so we don't have to eat PBJs or take-out too much.  Bleh.  

I think that I'll be pretty prepared after that.  I'd still like to get a rug for the nursery, but I ran out of money.  :(  That's not something that I want to buy on Craig's List, either.  That's the reason that I haven't posted any pictures of the nursery yet, because I feel like it still looks pretty incomplete without a rug.  

Can you think of anything I'm forgetting?  I know I didn't give you an exhaustive list of what I've done already, but is there anything that you took to the hospital that you couldn't have done without?  Or is there anything you did to prepare your house for that first two weeks of chaos?  It's the calm before the storm right now, and I feel like I'm forgetting something!  It's been almost 3 years since I've done this, so I'm out of practice.  ;)  


  1. Sounds good to me:)

    The things that are always most important to me are pjs and slippers and my own underwear and pads.

    I'm big on not having to worry about my hair, too. I just fix it with a lot of hairspray and take a bandanna for the next day;) Yep, I'm fancy;)

  2. Feels good to make a list and check them off! You're so close!

    And please, oh please, let me bring you a casserole! One of my favorite things to do is feed people! Makes me happy.

  3. Yes, Sarah, all I'm bringing are PJs, haha. And Katherine, you're so kind! Of course I wouldn't turn down your offer for a casserole! Thanks!!

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