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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pregnancy Optimism

It's no big secret that I don't do pregnancy well, hence all of the complaining done here.  But for as much as I've complained, I figured I should probably write at least one post on the positive things that this pregnancy has brought out in me and my family.  I thought of this as I was making lunch today, which brings me to my first thing:

1)  I used to hate leftovers; they'd sit in the frig until I finally just threw them away.  But now, behold, I magically enjoy and even look forward to them!  Pregnancy does such weird things to your tastes, and it seems to last after pregnancy, too.  I didn't like Tabasco until I was pregnant with Samuel, and 5 years later I still love it.  Then when I was pregnant with Levi I ate at Fish City Grill and didn't like some spice they used, so to this day I still can't even stand the thought of the place.

2)  I have some really loving and generous friends and family that make me feel so good!  Three of my mommy friends  have already told me that they're making me a meal to freeze and eat after the baby is born.  How wonderful is that!  One of said mommy friends gave me a boatload of herbal galactagogues that are priceless to me!  My mother-in-law made me a bunch of receiving blankets (I love handmade!).  My sweet sister bought me an awesome bouncer.  Another friend gave me a really cool exersaucer.  My bf loaned me a beautiful bassinet.  And a couple of other friends gave me a ton of baby clothes, blankets, bibs, towels, etc.  I'm truly thankful for all of the amazing people I'm so blessed to share life with.

3)  With the low platelet count scare, I'm actually praying that I get to have a spinal for my C-section (instead of general anesthesia), whereas there was so much fear involved in that before because of my bad experience with Levi's birth.  Looking fear in the eye and attacking it is such a powerful thing; it's inspiring and invigorating.  So even if I have the exact same experience as with Levi, I can accept it and brace myself and be stronger from it in the end.  (By the way, my platelet count is now up to 109,000 as of yesterday!!)

4)  I really think that having a third child is going to keep Levi from being a bit spoiled.  It's so easy to spoil him because he knows just what to do to wrap me around his cute, little finger.  I love that boy, but he's going to be a better person as a middle child than the baby.  His personality requires it.  And my hope is that while Levi is balancing out, Isaac will be laid back because of our lack of time and energy to spoil him.  0_o

5)  I can truly appreciate and be grateful for my non-pregnant self's health and general energy level.  I really feel like I don't want to take it for granted ever again.

6)  Knowing how a new baby can bring such tumult into a family, Michael and I decided to be proactive about some of the little, nagging problems in our marriage by doing some counseling.  It was a little embarrassing, to tell you the truth, talking about our problems to the counselor because they were such lame issues, but it brought about a lot of growth for us, deepened our marriage, and made us better parents.  Side note: I'm truly grateful for a husband that will even go to counseling let alone suggest it.  It sucks that that's so rare.

7)  I'm learning how to be more balanced and flexible.  I think having more kids will force you to do that OR get more neurotic and obsessive.  Hopefully after Isaac is born I'll still choose the laid back road.  It's hard for us recovering perfectionists, but it makes life more enjoyable.

For a little birthday nostalgia, here are Samuel and Levi's birthday posts from their blog.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I hope everything goes well with the birth of your new baby. Congratulations!

  2. Number 6 is a great idea. My husband and I need to look into it before baby number 2 comes.

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  4. You are in my prayers, especially tomorrow as little Isaac comes into our world. Thank you for giving birth to these wonderful children and for being such a good Mom. Don't forget to call me when you need some rocking done! Love you and Michael so much..Ann


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