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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another Mind Enema

Nice title, right?  Hehe.  I haven't really had much to write about lately, but a lot of little things have been on my mind.  Like...

Body Stuff
I'm so ready to be skinny again.  Why do I take it for granted and think I'm fat when I'm not!  That's so annoying.  Being pregnant makes me thankful for my non-pregnancy size.  It feels so good to be able to not have to worry about squeezing through tight places and not need help to get up from sitting on the floor.  I'm SOOOO ready to get in shape again after this baby is born.  I haven't ever felt this crappy in my body, and I know it's because I haven't been able to work out during this pregnancy.  Bleh!  I'm ready.

Yoga Love
So Michael has felt the same way about fitness lately, so he's been going to the gym a lot.  And the other day he was in a yoga class and some girl hit on him.  He obviously told her that he was married, and he told me about it when he got home.  But he said that it made him feel really good.  Haha!  And I totally felt happy for him.  It feels great to know that the outside world still finds you attractive when you're in married world.

Great Expectations
We took the kids to see the Polar Express at the IMAX at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  They had advertised that they were having special "Pajama Parties" on Saturday mornings where the kids could come in their PJs and they'd serve hot chocolate, so that was the one we chose to go to.  Well, it was so lame.  Plus, we had to sit in the front since it was so crowded.  But I started realizing that I'm just really picky when it comes to events that are supposed to be "special".  I don't want them to get my hopes up by making it sound like a bigger deal than it is.  I'd rather them impress me once I'm there instead of getting my hopes up for grandeur and being let down.  At least the kids liked it, though.  They didn't know any difference.  

I'm getting a little nervous about my upcoming C-section.  I've probably already mentioned that, but with 3 weeks and 5 days to go, I'm feeling it more.  The thought of them cutting my abdomen open while I'm awake freaks me out even more now than it did when they did it for the first time.

Well, speaking of, I better go get ready for my OB appointment.  These dark circles under my eyes don't cover themselves!

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