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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving '10

As promised, here are my pictures of the Thanksgiving table.  I use all of my favorite dishes, the Johnson Brothers' Friendly Village collection that I've been collecting since we've been married.  Each plate has a different, beautiful, snowy scene on it.  All of the linens were meticulously ironed.  The place cards were carefully crafted.  The silverware and glasses were hand-washed and dried so that there were no spots.  I looked up and experimented with different ways of folding napkins.  My satin-type napkins weren't stiff enough to do the fun folds, but I liked this one well enough.
The boys got "special" turkey plates and cups.
My Great-Granny Susie's doilies adorned the table runner.   Oh, and there was hot apple cider brewing on the stove the whole time.  The recipe was ridiculously good!
And I think it all came together really nicely.  Oh, and in the bottom-right of this picture below you can see that Samuel taped up our names on the wall.  He said it was so that everyone would remember who lived here.  Haha.
Since we live in a small, old house, our washer and dryer are in the kitchen and oftentimes have to serve as a countertop.  That's where I put the lemon-water and ice.
No rest for the weary!  After dinner I just can't stand for the dishes to sit around, so I pushed through a little more.  I like to rest after it's all cleaned up (well, mostly cleaned up, anyway).
So after everyone left, this was my favorite part of the day...watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with Michael and the boys.  I couldn't have done anything else even if I wanted to.  My back and legs were DONE.
And after all of that thought, preparation, and work, I realized that I totally neglected my kids on Thanksgiving.  :(  That made me really sad to recognize.  I spent so much time and energy doing stuff for the "grown-ups" (and me, if I'm really honest about it) that no one really even notices (because the things are so subtle, not because they don't care).  The crafts, the shopping, the cleaning, etc. took a couple of weeks of my time and energy.  Then I started working "full-time" on Thanksgiving (cooking, more cleaning, decorating) on Tuesday afternoon all the way through Thursday.

Upon my request, Michael basically just kept the boys out of the house while I worked on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, and then he kept them busy on Thanksgiving morning.  I feel like I totally blew it with my priorities.  It's so clear when I'm writing it all out, but it's not so clear when I'm in the midst of it.  I was too much of a perfectionist and people-pleaser when it came to my preparations.  And, ironically enough, when I'm all in my "zone" I'm not even a good host because I'm all stressed and frazzled.  

Then after the adrenaline was gone (that was what kept me going while I was working), I was so tired afterward (being 8 months pregnant and all) that I didn't have the energy to participate with my family in the Christmas activities that they did on Thanksgiving weekend, like the local tree lighting, church, and a Christmas tree farm.

Next year I really want to get my priorities straight and make Thanksgiving special for my kids.  They deserve that after my craziness for the past 6 years of hosting Thanksgiving.  I think I'm done hosting for now.  My mother-in-law mentioned just doing a BBQ dinner or something of the sort over at her house with everyone the night before Thanksgiving next year.  That way we're free to do whatever we want on Thanksgiving Day with just our family.  I like that idea.

An old friend of mine went to New York with his wife and kids over Thanksgiving and saw the Macy's parade on Thanksgiving morning.  Then I think they went to a nice restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner and had a great weekend as tourists in NY.  I just loved that idea.  They were building great memories and having a wonderfully nostalgic Thanksgiving weekend.  When the kids get older I definitely want to do that.  How fun!

Anyway, I hope you all had great Thanksgivings.  This is a good reminder to keep my Christmas priorities straight!  I don't think I'll have a choice, though, since I'll be quite pregnant at that point. Did you all know yet that January 3rd is the big C-section date?


  1. I love your bangs!!! Bangtastic!

  2. Everything was beautiful and very delicious. I am glad you are going to scale back the meal and focus in on the boys next year. You'll be much more relaxed and enjoy the day better. Thanks for making such an effort for the last 6 years to give us a warm Thanksgiving celebration. Love you, Ann


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