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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pine Cones O'Plenty

So we've been up to our ears in pine cones lately. I think if I do pine cones again I won't paint them anything but gold with spray paint.  It was so easy and quick and looks so much nicer.  Or I might try just leaving them brown and glazing them.  That looks pretty, too.  Although, Samuel can have his time to paint with the acrylics if he wants.

Anyway, I'll show you what I made out of them, but first note that I'm not a regular crafter.  Yes, I think I have some creative genes, but I don't regularly craft.  It's really just because I'm cheap and don't really like to spend the money on it.  I do like to decorate my house for free, but that's just the thing with crafts; you have to spend so much money on the materials.  Like the spray paint for the pine cones was $4, and I could have bought a bag of cinnamon pine cones for that (although I wouldn't have gotten as many).  Oh well.  

So first I put some pine cones up in this window that sits above our dining room table.  It looked plain, though, so I bought some Spanish moss and a pick of berries to add to it.  I like the way it turned out, all woodsy.

For Samuel's pine cones, I put them in his Indian headband that he made at school with a paper plate taped to the bottom with some Spanish moss inside, and now it's a centerpiece for the kids' table at Thanksgiving that he can show off!

This is a garland that I made out of the rest of the pine cones (with a Christmas chain in front of it that Samuel made).  I don't really like the way it turned out, but I'm planning on adding some Christmas greens to it to spruce it up for Christmas.  It would look better if I had a fireplace mantel to put it on.  Oh, and don't mind the lack of a window treatment.  I'm not bothering with them until the kids are old enough to not play in the curtains (something they LOVE to do in my bedroom).  

And this is not pine cones, but it's the other craft I did for Thanksgiving.  I like to do place cards each year.  One year I did pieces of chocolate and wrote everyone's names on them with either white chocolate or butterscotch.  But I also do 4x6 cards that everyone writes what they're thankful for on and save them in our Thanksgiving photo album.  

So for some of the years I let the 4x6 cards double as place cards.  That's what I did this year.  These cards are actually about 4" x 5 1/2" (the brown paper bag part) folded in half.  The other part I printed a template from the Martha Stewart website (they always have such great ideas on there) onto cream paper and glued it onto the brown paper.  They had the idea of gluing it to a piece of Thanksgiving stationary, but that would have cost money.  So when I happened to get a brown paper bag the other day, I seized the opportunity.    

That's all I got for now.  :)

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  1. LOVE IT ANNIE... Love it all....plan to get my pine cones done today...:)

    Love what you did with the kids pine cones...I think I'm going to follow your lead. :)

    Thanks for sharing.


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