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Monday, November 15, 2010

Pine Cone Painting

I really love pine cones.  I love picking them up while on walks and decorating with them in the Fall and Winter.  This friend of mine has a TON of pine cones in his front yard, so I've gone over there a couple of times this past week and "cleaned up" for him.  I let Samuel help me paint them, although I've recently learned that you're really supposed to either wash them and let them sit out first or bake them to clean them.  I realized the importance of this while a few bugs fell out of a few of them.  Oh well.  
Samuel, hamming it up, had a great time painting.  I like to let him paint in this cut open cereal box.  I also covered the TV tray with plastic wrap.

The more colors the better, for Samuel.  His pine cones will likely go in his room.  ;)  I'm thinking that I might make a Christmas tree out of all the ones that he paints by attaching them to a cone shaped piece of foam from Hobby Lobby.  Or I might make a garland out of them and hang them across the window in his room.    
I painted a variety of colors.  Some are more fallish and others more winterish, but all are pretty neutral.  
The fallish ones I'm thinking of making a garland out of and hanging somewhere in the house.  I may even make a few Christmas trees out of them, too.  The really Christmas colored ones I'm thinking that I'll hang on the Christmas tree.  
The only problem is that I got mostly big ones.  I need to go somewhere and find some small ones now.  I'll be sure to post the pine cone creations once I get around to actually making them!

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  1. That's really cool! I can't wait to see what you make!


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