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Monday, November 22, 2010

Grocery Dilemma

Throughout our almost eight years of marriage, I have tried SEVERAL different grocery methods.  I'm pretty organized, so we've always made lists and had a plan.  And we're always tweaking our plan to make it fit our needs more appropriately.

Currently I have a spreadsheet with every possible grocery item on it, and when I need something I put the quantity in there and then hide everything that I don't need.  There's a meal list (7 days worth) on the same page.  So I first make my meal plan for the week, then I fill in all the groceries that I need, print the paper, and shop.  It's pretty easy and straightforward.

My problem right now, however, is that this plan only works if I FEEL like sticking to the plan.  But when I'm pregnant, tired, and not feeling all that great all the time, sometimes I just don't feel like cooking.  We've been "cheating" and getting take-out lately when that happens, but that's not exactly the best option for us.

So does anyone have any healthy and cheap options of how to keep to a sane diet while worn out and tired?  I don't want to get take-out every time I don't feel like cooking, and TV dinners are just about as expensive and not much more healthy.  I'm stuck...

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