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Thursday, October 14, 2010


I went for my first biweekly OB appointment yesterday.  As my doctor was measuring my belly, he was kind of surprised.  I am now 27 weeks, but I measured at 34 - yikes!  That's almost 2 months ahead!  I hadn't measured ahead until now (unless I'm remembering incorrectly).  The most likely reason for this is polyhydramnios, or excess amniotic fluid.  Yes, I do also have big babies, but even with as big as Samuel was (10lbs 13oz), I never measured ahead of schedule.  With Levi, however, he was much smaller (9lbs 8oz), but I began measuring ahead of schedule in my third trimester.  So to measure SO FAR ahead of schedule in my second trimester kind of worries me.

My sister-in-law Sharon suggested that I get them to take the baby early because of this, and at first I didn't think I wanted to do that because having a premie really scares me, but now I'm kind of thinking that's a good idea.  Since it will be my third C-section the risk of a uterine rupture kind of scares me.  It's really SOOO rare (and usually only happens during labor, which I likely won't be in), and I shouldn't be scared, but the thought of my uterus stretching so much so early on concerns me.  If my doctor is concerned that I would go into preterm labor, then he may suggest taking the baby early.  So we'll see.  I guess bedrest might be another possibility (I really don't know), but I can't even think of that right now.  :-P

I'm having another sonogram in two weeks, and they'll assess how much amniotic fluid I have.  There are several birth defects that Isaac could have that would cause excess fluid, but I'm trying to stay positive that it's just a fluke like it was with Levi since he ended up being fine.  Most of the causes have to do with the inability to swallow.  At this point he should be drinking and peeing the amniotic fluid, keeping the fluid in balance.  But if there were a problem with him swallowing (like pyloric stenosis), then this could cause polyhydramnios.  There are also more severe causes, but I'm optimistic that it's not any of those.  I did take a Quad-screen test and was cleared.  And my glucose test was yesterday, so hopefully I'll be cleared from that, too.  

**Sigh**  Well, for now I just have to wait 15 days for my next sonogram (hopefully they'll do a 3-D), and try not to think of worst-case scenarios.  At least I have a valid excuse for my crazy amount of back pain, round ligament pain, and shortness of breath!  :)  So if you think about it, please say a little pray for little Isaac and me.  Thanks!


  1. Oh! Praying!! I measured that far ahead with the twins, of course, but even though I was HUGE with Patton I didn't measure very far ahead.

    I'm sure it's nothing, but I'm praying that even if it's a *minor* something that God will heal it completely before the next sono! Praying for you and that precious baby! And for your back! Ouch!

  2. Wow, Annie I'm so sorry. I was kidding about taking the baby early, because the last trimester is so miserable (at least it was for me). Reading this I realize how concerned you are. You should call your doc and talk with him (insist that the nurse let you talk to him, it's your right) and share your concerns. Waiting two weeks for the sono also concerns me as it does you. I know how it is when you fear that something could be wrong, waiting for the sono is torturous. Ask him if it would be possible to move up the sono. Share your concerns about uterine rupture and about the possibility of baby Isaic having problems causing the polyhydramnios. Hopefully he will reassure you that he thinks everything is fine (he must if he scheduled the sono in two weeks) and he can share his experience and guidance as to whether you may actually discuss inducing earlier than your due date. Which risks are greater, taking the baby four weeks or so early (when his lungs should be fully developed) or letting you go to term. I'm sure they'll keep monitoring your progression closely and if they fear your uterus is getting (for lack of a better term) too big they'll intervene. I'll be praying for you. If you need a sitter for Samuel and Levi so you can rest just call.

  3. Thanks, y'all! And Sharon, you're so kind, but I promise I wasn't scared by your comment or anything. I'd say right now I'm just "cautious" but not yet "freaking out". (Maybe I should re-read my post to see if I sounded bad.) I can pretty much wait out the two weeks, just a little anxiously, ya know? I'm not concerned that anything would happen anytime soon, just in that last month, like if I went into preterm labor. So actually, taking the baby at about 36 weeks kind of sounds like a good idea, but I'm probably just getting ahead of myself. I trust my doctor, so if he's not overly worried, I shouldn't be, either. But I *will* have a ton of questions for him in two weeks. :)

  4. annie, that baby is and always will be, a thousand times safer in your belly then outside of it. please please please remember that. <3 you look so beautiful!!

  5. Hi Annie! 2 years later after the date of this post. I am searching for some mom with a similar story to mine. And here it is...Please tell me your baby is ok and you are as well??? I would like to chat with you about this post as my baby was born 3 months ago via c section with polyhadraminos and just had surgery for pyloric stenosis. he was also 9 lbs 9 oz, Would you mind if i emailed or called you::??? Thank you, Victoria

    1. Victoria! Yes, we're healthy and well!!! Feel free to email me at annie at anniesblessednest dot com. I'd love to chat about it. :)


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