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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Interesting Things My Kids Did Today

I'll start with Levi...Today we were at Walmart spending their money that they get when they do chores. Each night they have to do four chores (clear the table, pick up the toys in the living room, pick up the toys in their bedroom, and pick up the clothes in the bathroom), and they get a quarter right on the spot for the completion of each chore. We weren't going to include Levi in on this little experiment, but he jumped right in with more enthusiasm than Samuel! He really busts it and is excited to clean up.

So he picked out some Hot Wheels cars to buy, and we went to the checkout. He put his cars up on the conveyor belt, and I told him that he needed to give his quarters to the lady if he wanted to take the cars home. He was extremely opposed to this concept because he didn't want to part with his quarters. We asked him several times, "Do you want the cars or the quarters?" And every time he chose the quarters. So we walked away and told the lady to cancel the transaction.

This reminded me of what Dave Ramsey says about spending cash. He cites a Dun and Bradstreet study that states that your brain registers actual emotion pain when you spend in cash as opposed to credit (and even debit to a slighter degree). I guess that's what was happening with Levi. Haha! I hope that lasts; I'm totally fine with him being a saver!

Now on to Samuel's story...So this evening Samuel was taking a shower, and he was taking a really long time in there because he was playing with toys and dilly-dallying. Michael caught him pouring all the body wash into one of the bath cups so that he could make bubbles. I came in there and told him that until he could show us that he wouldn't waste the soap anymore that we would have to put the soap on his washcloth/bath ball ourselves. His "privilege" was taken away because he wasn't mature enough to handle it.

Then a while later after he had finished his shower he told me that he didn't want to pray tonight because I was mad at him for wasting the soap. I told him that I wasn't mad, just a little disappointed that he wasted the soap but that it wasn't a big deal. I said that if he wanted to feel better he could say he was sorry to me and that I would reassure him that I forgave him already and that it wasn't that big of a deal. He didn't want to do that either, and he didn't join me, Michael, and Levi in our bedtime prayers.

I was sad that he felt that way, but I thought it was such an astounding picture of how our sin separates us from God. He didn't want to pray because he did something wrong (moreso in his own eyes than anything - he was sad mostly that he disappointed me even though I assured him it wasn't a big deal). And all he had to do was ask for forgiveness from me to feel better (for his benefit more than my own), but he refused for some reason, keeping him from wanting to talk to God.

I love the honesty in which kids express their thoughts and emotions. It makes grown-up thoughts and emotions more simple when you see a kid exhibiting them. I'm sure that Samuel will come around tomorrow, but I thought it was a good thing to let him feel those feelings tonight so that after he slept on it we could make sense of them together tomorrow.

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