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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Used and Amused

Today we finished up the last of our shopping for the new baby (well, all except for one thing that I need to exchange, but that doesn’t count).  Our last purchase was a Craig’s List find, and I have to say, with all of the Craig’s List purchases I’ve made (too many to count), I can’t remember a time that I ever regretted it.  (That gives me an idea for a new post: How to shop successfully on Craig’s List.)  

I LOVE that someone can buy something brand new, use it for a little while, and then sell it for half of retail or less!  It enables the buyer to not only save a lot of money but also to not let something go to waste!  And THEN the buyer can sell it again on Craig’s List when she’s done with it for very close to same price she bought it at because after the initial hit, things don’t depreciate too badly in the Craig’s List world, as long as it’s still in good shape.  For instance, I bought a Pack-n-Play from Craig’s List once for about $50 that was probably a year old.  I sold it a year later for $40 or $50.  It’s a great system.  

What I really love about it is that it prevents too many things from crowding our world.  Not everyone has to buy something new.  I guess if no one bought anything new, then we’d all be a lot more resourceful, and things would probably be better made.  But for now I’ll just take advantage of the easy access to like-new stuff.  And you know what, no one knows that you bought something used (unless you brag about it on your blog), because everything looks used shortly after it’s bought.

By the way, our purchase this morning was a new car seat and stroller travel system because we lost our old single stroller.  Truth be told, I didn’t like it that much anyway.  But if you know where it is (a green Chicco umbrella stroller), can you let me know so that I can sell it on Craig’s List?  :-P  I don’t know if we just lost it, loaned it out, or forgot it somewhere, but it’s driving me crazy trying to remember.  


  1. We haven't used Craigslist much because there just aren't many offers from our area...but we did get our car from Craigslist!:) I agree, it's a great system!

    BTW, have you ever heard of Freecycle? I used it all the time when we lived in Denver, but I know they have them in most major cities.

  2. I have used Freecycle, but I got out of the habit of checking it. I need to bookmark that again...Thanks!


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