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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Colds, Potty Training, and Tummy Tucks

So I have a cold, and when I'm sick when I'm pregnant I'm pretty much out of service.  I have NO energy, even if it's just a small cold.  So Samsung has been babysitting the kids while I surf mindlessly on the internet all day long.  I do watch a few of my own shows, too, in between cartoons so that the kids can unplug for a little while.  I choose to not feel guilty about it, either, because the more I rest, the faster I'm back in business.

Surfing the internet all day long is boring, though!  There's only so much that you can research and whatnot.  I'm still mostly just lurking on Facebook because if I comment on too many things my inbox fills up, and that annoys me a little.  So after I finish lurking on Facebook, checking my blogs on Google Reader, RSVPing for playdates, and checking my breastfeeding forum, I'm bored, so I have to find things to obsess about and research to keep me un-bored.

The last thing I was researching a lot was potty-training.  I think I'm finally on the right track, but school is working against me.  They're STILL not finished with their remodel, which means that the kids are in temporary classrooms, which means that they don't have bathrooms in their classrooms, which means that they are just changing diapers rather than taking the 2 year olds to the potty regularly.  INFURIATING!!!  I've been working on Levi since MARCH (when he was showing obvious signs of readiness), and when I'm finally almost fully there with him, they undo all the work I've put into him.  I can't begin to express the frustration I feel about that.  Potty training this child has been a grueling marathon (it was a sprint with Samuel - although he did have poop issues for a while).  After I communicated my frustration to the teacher (in a tactful way), she did tell me that they'd take him to the potty.  But they ask him if he wants to go, and he says no, so they don't take him.  At home, I don't ask him; I just take him.  ANYWAY!  (Can you see the smoke coming out of my ears?)

My latest research obsession has been tummy tucks (the link is for before and after pics, if you dare).  Judge me if you will, but it's happening; oh yes, it's most definitely happening.  :)  (By then we'll have the house paid off and will be in a better place financially as far as our goals go.)  As you may know, my boys were pretty big (10lbs 13oz and 9lbs 8oz); I'm only 5'2" and usually not overweight; and I will have had 3 C-sections after this little guy.  My next baby, Isaac, is going to be a biggun', too; I can feel it.  My tummy stretched a LOT with my pregnancies, especially with Levi because even though he was smaller, I had excess fluid with him so I measured like I was having twins (those of you that know me personally are so tired of hearing me say that).  Plus, they're only 20 months apart.  My diastis recti was pretty significant, although I was able to get the muscles a lot closer together after a lot of yoga and Pilates.  Thankfully I haven't had any stretch marks (that’s all hereditary, btw), but my skin and muscles are really thin and loose (when I'm not pregnant - hereditary, too).  So once I get in shape after Isaac weans, I'm going under the knife.  You really want to lose all the weight you can before getting the procedure so that they're able to tighten it as much as possible and the results are more significant, so I will be hitting the gym hard (and no more daily sugary treats)!  The scar is bad, yeah, but I already have the C-section scar, which, yeah, is smaller, but it won't be that much of a change.  The C-section hangover scar sucks. You know what I mean if you have it.

Anyway, Toy Story 2 is almost over, so I’ll close for now. ;)

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  1. I hear ya on the tummy tuck!

    Check out this post on a blog I follow of a mama who had 4 c-sections and just recently had her breasts done and a full tummy tuck done all at once. You'll love the honesty of the post!


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