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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Insomnia-Induced Post

So I guess it is already 6:30AM, but I've been up for two hours now.  Samuel came into my room at 4:30 and said he didn't want to sleep in his bed anymore, and I thought that if I walked him back to his bed that I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep myself.  So I let him climb in with me.  Well, little stinker's tossing and turning and legs draped over my torso did the trick of keeping me up.  I tried to Solitaire myself to sleep (playing Solitaire on my phone until I bore myself to sleep), which usually works at night when I'm trying to fall asleep but rarely works in the middle of the night.  So after an hour I just decided to get up.

So (trying not to start every sentence with "So") I decided to work on my Baby To-Do list.  With Levi I hardly had anything to do since I knew that he'd be sleeping in our bed and we weren't setting up a nursery.  With this one, though, I have to revive the nursery because I let too much time slip between babies and I love having a kidless bed (tonight being an exception as there is a large four-year old snuggled up on my pillow while I'm sitting in the dark living room on the couch).   But there's still not as much to do as with Samuel because, while I did get rid of just about everything for babies in my house, I'm older and wiser now and know what I can live without.  Oh, and did I mention that I'm a whole lot cheaper now?  You could have guessed that, I'm sure.

So here's what I've done:

  • I'm using a hand-me-down crib from my sister (sold ours on Craig's List when I was pregnant with Levi.  The lady that bought it was very confused).  I honestly don't know how many kids it has been used for (she has five, but one is still in his crib).  But it fits in the room well because it's all kind of rustic/retro/hand-me-down feel.  (Get used to it, Isaac!)
  • I bought this cute, little, retro, bamboo-trimmed dresser off of Craig's List for $30.  It has three drawers and goes to about waist level.  I painted it off-white, so in total I spent $40 on it after painting supplies.  (I didn't have to buy paint since I already had some, but I bought a mask and rubber gloves in case it had lead paint on it since it was so old because I sanded it down first.)  
  • I bought some new, white curtains for the windows and closet.  I used to have matching curtains to the bedding, but I didn't want it to be all matchy-matchy this time.  I'm feeling more of an eclectic vibe this time.  I did have to hem the bottom of them up because they were a tad too long, and they were also all different lengths (thanks Target).  But they look a lot better.  Oh, and I have to still buy one more because they only had 5 in stock and I needed 6.
  • I put the tree/bird paintings above the dresser, and they look a lot better in there than they did in our room.  
And this is what I still need to do:
  • I want to make a mobile to hang from the ceiling above the crib.  I've been seeing these really natural types of mobiles everywhere that are so precious.  I was thinking that I could use the mobile to link the two designs that are in there so far (circles on the bedding and trees/birds on the painting). 
  • I'm going to put the changing pad on top of the dresser.  I didn't want to be stuck with a changing table after he's out of diapers since it's our last kid.
  • I'm going to look for a rocking chair or glider for the nursery.  Since we don't have as much bulky furniture in there now as we did when it was Samuel's room, one will fit.  I'm thinking of getting a basic, wooden rocking chair from Craig's List (saw one for $20 today).  I do really like this one from Ikea, but we'll have to see if it's in the budget.  I really like the brown one, but it's $60 more for some reason.  I also hate to spend so much money for something I'll only use for a few months and then will likely sell on Craig's List.  
  • I still have a little more shopping to do, too.  Here's my shopping list:
    • Onesies and footsies 
    • Car seat
    • Pump (decided to go with the Ameda this time)
    • Breastfeeding pillow - I can't decide if I'm going to buy that one Blessed Nest pillow that I won in that blog contest or not.  I loved it, but with shipping and tax it would be a little over $100, so I think that answers my question.  :-/  Maybe I'll try My Breast Friend this time.  I like the idea of being able to get up and walk around with it, especially with 2 other kids around.  
    • Sound machine - We have this one for the boys, and I decided to get a new one since I'll want to try to drown out all of the middle of the night goings-on when the baby gets here.
    • Rug - I'm looking for a shaggy rug that's round for the nursery.  I'm hoping even to find one that is speckly (don't know the correct term for what I'm thinking) so that it hides stains better than the last one that was in there (light blue with a huge white circle in the middle that attracted every piece of dirt in the house - rookie mistake).  
    • Linens 
      • changing pad covers
      • burp cloths
      • receiving blankets (Mimi is going to make a few Hedgie-size blankets for us) :) 
I'm pretty satisfied with the amount of things that I'm doing and buying.  I don't feel like I'm going overboard, but I feel like I'm doing enough to enjoy this last baby phase I'll be going through and to have plenty of stuff with which to take care of him.

A common question I keep getting is if I'm going to have a baby shower.  I've thought about it a lot, and while it's not really my decision (it'd be a little tacky to throw one for myself), I did get the idea from my friend Misti to have a "sip 'n see" after the baby is born.  I've never heard it called that before, but I thought it was a good idea.  That way anyone that wants to bring a gift can if they want to, but they don't have to feel obligated.  They could even just bring a frozen casserole!  Haha!  Seriously, though.  :-P  So anyway...just puttin' it out there...if anyone wants to throw me a sip 'n see*...I'll be here...But seriously, I think that's a good idea because then if people wanted to bring a gift, then they could bring things like clothes (since I got rid of them all) and diapers (Michael refuses to let me try cloth again, and I think I'm okay with that).  

Well, the Tiger is up and he's "hungy", so I'll stop rambling.

*ETA: My sweet friends Misti and Megan offered to throw me one.  Shout out: Love you, girls!


  1. A "Sip n See" is such a cute idea!:)

    I think it's funny how much less we need with each baby; your lists sounds like mine with Patton...except, I don't do the sleep machines. I encourage as much noise as possible during sleep time with my infants:) Ha!

    Seriously, though, fifth baby sleeps in an open (railings but no wall) loft...even through into the morning hours game nights and loud movies. Just throwing my two cents out there;) Feel free to disregard.

    P.S. I'm glad I'm not the only one whose husband forbade them from using cloth:) Although I'm mad because if I had started with cloth with the older girls, I could have saved sooooo much money by now:)

  2. Ok, Target has some great shaggy rugs. I got Caroline's there and it's WASHABLE. I love it.

    Also, I love the My Breast Friend pillow. I used one and I recommend it to all my clients. It's fantastic.

    As far as the sound machine goes, we got a great CD with white noise on it and used a CD player on repeat. That way we can use it for something else when we're not using it for white noise.

    And that's my two cents. ;)

    And (and, and...) I love the name Isaac! It goes great with Samuel and Levi. Nice choice.

  3. Sarah, I think you're convincing me to not do a sound machine. Katherine, the CD player is a good idea, but we don't have one (it went the way of the tape player). Haha. I'm glad you like the MBF pillow. I'll give that one a shot for sure. I always see them on Craig's List, too. Is that gross? :-/ Hmmm.


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